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Flashback Friday: Moving sucks!

It’s moving day tomorrow. I swore last time I moved that we were NOT moving again until I left Ames.

BUT, here I am. Moving again. And I’ll be moving again in December when my soon-to-be-temporary roommate’s real roommate moves back into his apartment.

Hopefully December’s move will be where I stay planted for a few years. C’mon perfect place. You’re out there somewhere. Or anybody interested in letting me couch surf for a few months on the cheap?

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But, until then, let’s revisit the last time that I moved: i.e. the time we drove across the state to get a semi UHaul to move our stuff while the our roommate and friend moved our stuff into the parking lot.

I’m guessing this move will go a lot smoother than last time.


Anybody have a particularly horrendous moving story? Do tell!

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  1. Mom says: Reply

    I think you have become a professional at this moving situation. 🙂

  2. I hope I don’t have a horrendous moving story after this weekend.

    When I moved from Texas back to Virginia I drove the whole 28 hours straight. (OK, I only went to NC, but that was still a long drive.) I didn’t tell my mom I was doing it, but just my aunt, so that someone knew I was alive. I ended up getting so tired I ate half a box of Quaker Oat Squares to keep myself awake. My friend’s guest room bed was the most comfortable place I’ve ever slept. (And my legs were sore the next day. Who knew driving could do that?)

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