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Flashback Friday: The time I went blonde in a day.

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I feel like a total idiot today. I’m at work with yellow hair. Yes. Yellow. And it is FRIED.


(mug for comparison)


I did something stupid: I followed a pinterest tutorial to get platinum blonde. Um. Duh. I know enough about hair chemistry from my friends and family who’ve had schooling that I should have known better, but, pinterest said it worked, so I tried it anyway.

And now I’ve got crispy hair and crispy scalp and some janky-ass yellow hair to show for it. I’ll have this for a few days. Which blows. I’m hoping I can condition it enough to be able to color it before I leave next week for Michigan to (finally) meet Mark’s grandparents. Otherwise I fear I may blind them.

I should know better than to color my hair red because I always want to be blonde in the summer. Always. And red is impossible to get out.

What I did: colored my hair with a really, really light high-lifting blonde color and used a platinum toner. That didn’t work. So I bleached it. And used a toner. It’s still orangey-yellow and gross.

What I should have done (besides leaving it alone): stripped it, deep conditioned for a week or so (if the color I was left with wasn’t disgusting), then bleached, and then used a platinum or ivory toner. And lots and lots of conditioner.

D’oh. Lesson learned: don’t trust pinterest for fast hair color tips. Not worth it. Everybody’s hair is different, and mine holds color (especially red) and pulls red tones always.

Anyway, I mentioned that I know what to do. I’ve actually done this before, but I chickened out and didn’t make it all the way to platinum. I should have gone one shade lighter.

Last year I went from this:

to this:

in one day. Maybe I should have read my own post before attempting a hair experiment? Lesson learned. Don’t try something you’ve seen on pinterest without consulting an expert first (and the people at Sally’s are NOT experts! see last year’s post).

Now what? I’m conditioning the ever-loving crap out of my hair. It’s currently wrapped in a scarf with a ton of coconut oil massaged into it and my scalp. I’m going to get a good conditioning mask tonight. And maybe Sunday if it’s not supremely crispy I’m going to dye it one shade darker in a neutral (not yellow) color. Maybe in a few months after my hair has recovered I can do platinum.


Have you ever done something completely boneheaded to your hair? 

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  2. i have totally done this before 🙂 (i used to dye my hair a lot, too!) i wanted to have darker, brown hair but it TOTALLY turned out auburn – way more red than it was supposed to be! took a few trips for highlights to get my blonde back – and that was the last time dye or highlights ever touched my head 🙂

    good luck with the conditioning!!

  3. As I fear I’d never get my natural color back, I have never thought to attempt a dye job. At least the color looks good on you…even if your hair is dying. [Pun…not really intended, but there it is.]

  4. I’ve done that at least 3 times. My hair hates to be dyed at home, but it’s also happened in a salon… in the Dominican Republic where they thought it was a masterpiece. It was awful.

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