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WIAW: Capitol Eats

New to the party? [click here] for more info on our Wednesday shenanigans! 

Speaking of shenanigans, I never mentioned that last week when I was in DC my friend Sarah from The Smart Kitchen came to hang out with me (thanks for the following 2 pix!). She made reservations at this restaurant called Founding Farmers, which sounded right up our alley, but otherwise we really had no plans.

sarah from the smart kitchen // thesmartkitchenblog.com

She was on her way up to Alexandria while I was traipsing about the capitol mall. I got back, showered quick, and we met up with Sarah’s cousin who happened to be moving, and had a rather large box taking up her back seat. I hopped in anyway, and we headed to the Georgetown area to hit up Trader Joe’s since her cousin needed groceries.


While in TJ’s, I found cookie butter (as I mentioned last week), and I was starving after walking around for nearly 4 hours sightseeing. I poked my finger in to have a taste. And it was kind of like crack. I had a few bites, and realized I was sitting on a box in the back seat of a car eating cookie butter with my finger. Sarah was kind enough to take a photo of that proud moment.

eating cookie butter // lifeplusrunning.com


We eventually made it to our destination. When we got there we met up with Ashley from Coffee, Cake, and Cardio. Ashley’s husband is from Iowa and she’d e-mailed me that week about being in Des Moines for a wedding sometime soon, and I almost forgot to tell her I’d be in her area soon.

me with sarah from the smart kitchen and ashley from coffee, cake, and cardio // image from coffeecakeandcardio.com

There were far too many things on the menu at Founding Farmers. The worst part? The drink menu. I wanted to try so many things. They have a prohibition-era-style drink menu, which is pretty much the type of drink I’d have every time I wanted to drink if we had fancy booze on hand at all times. I ended up getting the Streetcar Named DeCanton (obviously. have I mentioned I have a thing for Marlon Brando?)


It was gorgeous. And delicious. A sipping drink at its best.


The three of us decided to split a bread and cheese appetizer. I’d never had spicy pimento cheese before, but Sarah said it was the best stuff ever (and she’s lactose sensitive, so she doesn’t mess around with her dairy).



I ordered a mushroom reuben, cuz I’m a sucker for reubens, for my main dish. It came with fries, and I asked if I could have broccolini instead because fries just sounded like overkill after eating all that bread and cheese. I was glad I got the broccolini not only because it was perfectly done, but because the bread on my sandwich was a touch greasy for my taste (my only complaint!). However, I’m still having dreams about this reuben. I’m not sure what they used for sauerkraut, but it was different and not supremely sour. And there was asparagus on it. So good. Fortunately I wasn’t really hungry so I ended up eating half my sandwich so I got a repeat for lunch the next day (which was good, because the conference didn’t pay any attention to anybody’s food allergies and there was stuff I couldn’t eat in all the food provided to us).


The next day, Sarah left for home (or at least what’s currently her home), and I went out with my coworkers to a fish joint on King Street in Alexandria. I got the local fish, which was a rock fish. It was too tough for my taste, and they used a lot of grease to cook everything. It wasn’t my favorite meal, but I’m glad I tried something different and local at least.


We decided to go out for a drink after dinner. We happened upon Bilbo Baggins’s Green Dragon Pub (yes!). They had a ton of different beers on their menu, and they had mead. So I got a sampler size of a few beers (a peach, black and tan, and a lager), and I had them put some blueberry mead in my lager. So good.


The next morning I had a few hours before I needed to check out of the hotel and hit the airport. So I stopped by this cute restaurant I’d passed on the way to King Street the day before called Teaism. They had somewhat of an Indian fusion menu, so I got the tea-cured salmon with naan and raita with a side of jasmine green tea. This definitely hit the spot, and was something different. I’d never had fish for breakfast before (and I’d love to do it every day if we had good fish in Iowa!).


After that, it was airport city all day. And I finally managed to make it home by 8 PM. Just in time to unpack and go to bed.


What was your favorite thing you’ve eaten (or drank) recently? I think everything in this post (minus the fish) is tied for that title. 




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  1. I CANNOT believe you found a Bilbo Baggins restaurant.

    So cool.

  2. Absinthe?! You arre hard core. Clearly we are friends.

  3. One of my best meals in recent memory, seriously. (And not just because of the food.) I had so much fun with you, and I am only sad I didn’t get to experience Teaism.

  4. […] float. The reuben was so good (I love all reubens), but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the vegan reuben I had at Founding Farmers with Sarah a few years […]

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