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Interested in trying something new, healthy, and delicious? I always am.

ezekial flax bread //

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I’d seen Food for Life breads before, but I always assumed that only the crunchiest granola of hippies bought this bread. It’s organic AND sprouted AND it has a bible verse on it: the trifecta of hippie happiness, right there, folks. But then one day out of sheer insanity a moment of clarity I decided to give up sugar for a while, and every. single. bread. in the grocery store has some form of sugar (it’s hidden under some other psuedonym, but it’s always there). Not (most of) Food for Life’s breads. Nope. Nada. Sugar free. So I started shelling out the cash for sugar-free organic sprouted breads.

There is no sugar in this bread, but it does contain gluten. In fact, gluten itself is an actual ingredient in this bread. If you are celiac, obviously abstain. I am gluten-sensitive (and allergic to a whole list of things, and trying not to eat popular allergens as well right now), but sprouted grains seem to digest better than regular grains.

Want more nutrition info? Here you go. I snaked this from Food For Life’s website.

ezekial bread nutrition facts //

My thoughts on the taste of this bread? This particular version is a bit seedy, and I like that from time to time, but I definitely alternate with a few of their other breads. These breads are a bit denser and dryer than most breads, but I like that. They don’t soak up all your toppings and become mush when you’re eating a sandwich. And they make for excellent toasted sandwiches.

ezekial bread PBJ with homemade nut butter //


^ PBJ with homemade (sweetener-free) nut butter.

ezekial bread grilled pear and cheese sandwich //

^ grilled pear and chipotle colby cheese sandwich (YUM).

Disclaimer: Food for Life sent me 2 loaves of Ezekial 4:9 Flax sprouted bread to try. Opinions are my own. In fact I had been buying Food for Life’s breads for a while since they have no sugar in them.


What kind of bread do you like? 

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  1. Pear & cheese … this I might need to try!

    I liked this bread, too. Held up well for French toast, which is always nice, too. Phyll hated it, lol, but I like some seedy bread.

  2. Missy says: Reply

    I love love love Ezekiel. Flourless bread is my friend … it is hard to overeat it whereas flour sends my brain into a euphoric tizzy.

    Ps- Nice PBJ action!
    What Jelly/Preserves/Jam are you using? I use the sugar free (chemical sh*tstorm) variety. LOL.

    1. calee says: Reply

      Um… good question. Been using crofter’s organic jam. It’s pretty low sugar, but I know you want to quit the sugar altogether (mostly). you could try boiling down a bunch of fruit and adding some stevia? just a thought! chemical shitstorm is not a fun time, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

      PS you can totally say “shit” in my blog comments. No need to censor.

  3. I LOVE Ezekial sprouted bread. I think it has the best flavor and hearty texture. Grilled pear and cheese? Sounds amazing!!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      BIG fan of grilled fruits + cheese sandwiches. It feels a little more substantial and healthier than just plain ol’ grilled cheese.

  4. I used to think I wasn’t a bread person. And then this guy named Butter Boy at the Farmers’ Market changed my life (or at least my tastebuds) with his dang delicious English Muffins.

    And then he disappeared.

    I was interviewed for the paper about local businesses, and the quote I really wanted her to print was,”Where the HELL is Butter Boy????”

    No website. No twitter. No storefront.


    1. Clearly I just needed to get that out.

      Love the Ezekiel bread, too. 🙂

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