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What I ate Wednesday: Sans Allergens + recipe #WIAW

Curious what all this What I Ate Wednesday jazz is about? Head on over to Peas and Crayons to see more.


In true Calee fashion, I’m not following the “rules” of WIAW this week. With good reason too: I mentioned on Sunday that I’ve got some food allergies. I’ve been feeling symptoms on other foods, so I’ve been carefully picking what I eat. I’m going back to the allergist for more testing at the end of the month, and I’m going to ask him about IgG testing (not sure what that stands for, sorry!) as I will be working with a naturopath to heal my gut once I find all my allergens.

“Naturopath?!” you say? Yes. He’s got a background in Western medicine too, so I think he will be a good fit for me. I need somebody who can heal me, not somebody who has a personal vendetta against medicine, or somebody who doesn’t believe in natural healing. My allergist seems to be open to natural healing too, so I think I picked a couple of good docs (or non docs).

Anywho, so far my food allergies have lead to some pretty weird eats. I’ve been trying to sub out things for tomatoes in my favorite summer foods, which mainly includes BLT anything. I’m also unsure about romaine lettuce because I think it’s cross-reactive with ragweed, and I am hugely allergic to ragweed, so I’m finding other leaves to eat (spinach, kale) instead. Hence, this BKP salad (bacon, kale, and peaches).

BKP salad — bacon, kale, peaches / lifeplusrunning.com

I also made a really fantastic pizza, but it was before I knew I was allergic to onions, so there are onions on it. And actually, there are almonds in the crust, because it was before I knew any of my allergies. I just thought it would be interesting to sub peach for tomato on a pizza. A bit of foreshadowing, maybe?

Mark is the dough master. He came up with the recipe for the pizza crust after I prompted him to find a way to put Muesli Fusion in the crust.

Muesli Fusion Pizza Crust


  • 3/4 c Muesli Fusion Athlete Fuel (pulsed to crumbs in a food processor)
  • 1 1/2 c flour of choice
  • 1 c water (warm to touch)
  • 1-2 T yeast
  • 1-2 T sugar (depends how much rising you want in your dough)
  • 3-4 T olive oil


  1. Dissolve the yeast in the warm water.
  2. Add the sugar, and stir to dissolve.
  3. Cover and let blossom (it should bubble up).
  4. Mix the following ingredients with your hands (unless you have a mixer with a dough hook).
  5. Add the Muesli Fusion once the yeast has blossomed.
  6. Mix in the olive oil.
  7. Slowly add the flour, as you may not need all of it.
  8. Once the dough is together, roll out onto a floured surface.
  9. Prebake the dough for 5-10 minutes (depending on how thick your crust is) at 425°.
  10. Top with ingredients of choice, and bake 10-15 more minutes, or if your crust is fully baked, broil your pizza for 3-5 minutes.

I got really creative with my pizza. This pizza was good for dinner, but I could also see it being a great addition to breakfast or brunch with company. The crust is a bit nutty and sweet, and the peaches and brie complement the crust quite nicely. I may never go back to eating regular pizza crust again. I loved the texture that the Muesli Fusion added to it, and I’m interested in trying their berry variety with the pizza crust.

Muesli Fusion Pizza with peaches, caramelized onions, bacon and brie // lifeplusrunning.com

Muesli Fusion Athlete Fuel Pizza with caramelized onion, peach, brie, and bacon


  • 1 Muesli Fusion pizza crust (recipe above), pre-baked
  • 1/4 of a medium onion, caramelized
  • 1 medium to large peach, sliced thin
  • 1/4 lb brie, sliced
  • 2-3 slices of bacon, cooked crisp
  • Additional Muesli Fusion Athlete Fuel for sprinkling


  1. To caramelize the onions: add slices of onion, a bit of butter or oil, and a sugar (we used honey) to a pan. Sauté over medium-high heat until onions are brown and gooey.
  2. Place slices of peaches on the pizza crust.
  3. Add the caramelized onions.
  4. Place the brie on the crust. It will spread when melting, so you can place a few inches apart.
  5. Crumble the bacon on top.
  6. Sprinkle some athlete fuel over the entire pizza.

Muesli Fusion Pizza with peaches, caramelized onions, bacon and brie // lifeplusrunning.com

Muesli Fusion Pizza with peaches, caramelized onions, bacon and brie // lifeplusrunning.com

Mark used the crust too, except he did sweet yellow peppers, caramelized onions, hot pork sausage, and some really fancy cheese (because he had to be as fancy as me with my brie).

mark's version of muesli fusion pizza // lifeplusrunning.com

mark's version of muesli fusion pizza // lifeplusrunning.com

So good! I’m going to pick off the onions and eat the leftovers soon. I had about half the pizza leftover so it’s in the freezer. I can’t wait to get it out and finish it.


What have you been eating lately? 

PS If you’re interested in winning a cool summer prize package, check out Muesli Fusion’s summer giveaway!


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  1. Iris says: Reply

    Peaches on pizza and in BLT salad (BLP? hehe) – so genius!! I LOVE peaches and am definitely going to try something similar soon. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Iris @ Anatomy & Intuition

    1. chimes says: Reply

      awesome! glad i inspired you!!

  2. Great-looking recipes! And glad that even with your gi woes you have found something good to make. Haha. All of the recipes on my blog right now are for “other” people as I can’t eat any of them myself 🙁

    Sorry to hear about the food allergies! I know how you feel— I’m allergic to a lot too and I think it all stems from leaky gut. I’ve been trying to follow GAPS for the past 6 months and while I feel better, I haven’t progressed very much and have a very limited diet right now. More tests coming soon with hopefully at least and indicator as to what is going on.

    Best of luck to you! I know it’s difficult but I hope you feel better soon. Everyday for the past year and a half I have experienced stomach issues and what I wouldn’t give to go a day without them!

  3. oh wow, this is impressive girl! is the crust kinda sweet?

    1. chimes says: Reply

      kind of, but it’s more nutty than sweet. I think Mark didn’t use a ton of the raisins in it. I’m interested in trying the berry one next and doing goat cheese (or vegan cheese maybe now??) on top with a cranberry sauce.

      1. Mark says: Reply

        FYI, I didn’t filter anything, just grabbed from the bag…

  4. Good luck with the new doctors! I know that finding ones who fit well can be a really tough challenge. Why isn’t there a RateMyDoctor.com site like there is for college professors? (ETA: There actually is – ratemyMD.com, but there are very few ratings).

    That pizza – oh my gosh! Those toppings sound AMAZING!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      thanks, alex!

  5. OMGGGG peaches! brie! bacon! this looks glorious. The pizza, I mean. The salad also sounds pretty good, because, again: peaches! bacon! although I’m not sure how I feel about kale. Whatever. These sound amazing and I want them in my face, now.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      you could do BSP (bacon spinach and peaches, and maybe even add feta or blue cheese if you are so inclined).

      that pizza was supremely awesome. i finished the rest of it for lunch today (after I pouted a little while pulling the onions off). The best part (that I forgot to mention) is that you can bake the crust ahead of time and freeze a few single (or double) serving sizes, and top and broil for 5-7 minutes.

  6. Julie says: Reply

    Fanciest way I’ve seen using Muesli Fusion!

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