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you will remember tonight. [ @AndrewWK in Des Moines PARTY recap ]

So this one time i had the most amaaaaaaaazing week ever, starting at 3:20 AM a week ago. But then I didn’t manage to recap any of it because I was way too damn busy having a blast. And drinking the world’s most hipster manhattan (in a plastic cup).

the world's most hipster manhattan //

The culmination of my awesome week happened last night when I went to the Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines. It’s a hipster bar that’s the size of a closet, and they have amazing bands from time to time. I saw 3 Inches of Blood there. And last night I saw Andrew WK. In fact, he saw me. And it was good portion of me too because the shirt was coming off. SWEATY.

party tip from andrew wk //

There were high fives. And I got to scream “GET READY TO DIE” in the microphone. Oh, and I was sitting on stage most of the show, then was dancing on stage with him and most of the rest of the crowd when he decided “IT’S TIME TO PARTY, PARTY!!”

me basically on stage with andrew wk //

my friend daniel the barista from mars cafe getting his party on //

it's time to party //

party tip from andrew wk //

(just because that cracks me up!)

my friend justin who goes to basically every show i go to ever //

My friend Justin that goes to every show that I go to. So when I’m alone, I’m never actually alone because I swear he’s always there. 🙂

mark and me after andrew wk //

Ugh… it was so good. Best show I’ve gone to. Or at least in the top 3. I dunno, it might make number one.

I’m going to recap the rest of the week sometime this weekend, not for everybody else, but for me to remember the amazing week (and to thank the three lovely ladies and amazing sponsors who put our fantastic Blend Retreat together again).

But for now. I will remember last night. Mostly. Mark probably won’t … haha.

Also, I’m sorry, but I’m probably blogging about this concert again in a week when our local paper comes out because they were taking photos and the guy was like “you were in a lot of them.” And I’m going to be stalking YouTube to see if there is video from the show because I’m pretty sure that somebody was taking some, and I want to see how much of a tool I was sitting on stage the whole time. Ouch. My knees!

And I was stalking AWK’s instagram, and this came up. And I needed to see this. So thanks, dude. I love you.

party tip from andrew wk //


What is one of your favorite memories?

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  1. “But then I didn’t manage to recap any of it because I was way too damn busy having a blast” <- I love this! Sometimes it's okay to put aside the blogging / recapping and just LIVE and ENJOY life!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      I know. but this weekend made me a little torn between being a “good” (or popular) blogger and just doing what I want. the stuff i post about that nobody reads is the stuff I love to post (i.e. music).

      curious: does anybody read your music posts (or at least as far as you can tell)?

      also, i wish i had tickets to lollapalooza, which is a total random side note.

  2. Don’t you just love those events where you look back and think “that was the BEST thing ever.”??

    One example for me would be my wedding. You know it was a good time when the next day you get a message from one of your friends saying, “Can we do that again next weekend?!?!” I know I’m biased, but it was the best wedding ever. 🙂

    1. chimes says: Reply

      ha! I’m going to have to stalk your blog and read about it (if you blogged about it)! Love those nights. I wish I was a bit more patient because my friend Daniel met him and I couldn’t wait to get home and get in bed.

  3. Now I’m off to watch the sweet tunes you posted on Thursday…… again.

  4. Damn girl, looks like you know how to parrrrrrrtay! Queen of the super cool and hipster groupies you are! 😉

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