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Vacation pix and baller guest post

I’m still in Colorado, but I have a guest post on my friend Laura’s blog today about Intuitive Eating.

Laura is basically my idol. She is such a badass. We met at Blend Retreat last year and bonded over our favorite whiskey drink (Manhattans because we are really just 60-year-old men). She and I have been chatting about IE since I posted about my success and progresd (so far) a few weeks ago. Laura posted her diet philosophy (the no shit diet) last week, so I’m following up with what IE is and how it relates.

I’ve been having a fantastic time in Utah and Colorado and am very thankful to my friend Lauren, her hubs, and her doggies for letting me crash at their (newly moved-into-from-across-the-country) place for a few days. Going to be sad to get on a plane tonight for sure. Here are a few highlights, but I’m probably going to do a full recap later so I can remember this trip and thank the fantastic sponsors and organizers properly. 🙂








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  1. Awww, so jealous you got more time with Lauren AND spend time with “the boys”! I saw her little recap earlier today and it looks like you guys had a blast!

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