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Throwback Thursday: the infamous co-ed sleepover.

If I’m going to do Throwback Thursday, I have to do a birthday shout out to one of my favorite ladies in the whole wide world, Danielle. She’s been a good friend since the time we were learning how to read. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you look your age this year. 😉 Here’s a cute pic of us from NYE 2005.

danielle and I NYE in 2005.


It’s been a while since I did a Flashback Friday post, and I wrote this one, and laughed so hard that I couldn’t wait to post it, so we’re going to go with Throwback Thursday. And this kind of also belongs in the book of secrets, but I’m dragging it out because it’s such an old story that it really doesn’t matter anymore (I hope, although I might STILL be grounded for this one).

Today’s story is the infamous co-ed sleepover of sophomore year of high school. Because that’s every parent of a 15-year-old girl’s dream …

(insert Wayne’s World-esque doodly doo, doodly doo, doodly doo)

15-year-old me

It’s 2000. I’m 15. And B-O-Y crazy. My math teacher even once told my dad that I needed to stop paying attention to boys and start paying attention in class. I got these crazy crushes that would go from zero to stalker in a heartbeat. I provided hours of entertainment for my friends with all of my romantic misfirings, as well as sheer boredom from hours of droning on and on about the same damn problems with the same damn crush.

15-year-old me n the phone

I had a couple of boyfriends, but nothing serious. Just a few weeks at a time, a first kiss, and a few really rotton breakup lines, including this classic: “We just don’t have any chemistry. Well, except of course in chemistry class.” Hardy, flipping, har, dude.

me, angry after all-state auditions senior year

I kept track of my ridiculous list of crushes in my trusty MHS agenda book in a column I called “Calee’s weekly hottie list”. This space was usually reserved for the guys I’d never get: football players and wrestlers. One of those fine young gentlemen even offered to take me to homecoming for a mere payment of $50 — what a steal! I didn’t do it … I did have a shred of self-respect. But, good lord I loved wrestlers and football players.

me as football manager freshman year of high school

But there was this one boy that I had it bad for pretty much since I was old enough to know that I liked boys. We were in all the smart-kid (read: not cool-kid) classes in elementary school together, and now that we were in high school, we were choir geeks and hung around with the same crowd. He wasn’t always my first-and-foremost crush (cuz I had a lot of them), but he of always there. Flash forward to sophomore year. The gang decided we should have a boy-girl sleepover at HIS house. My mom reluctantly let me go, because my gal pals got permission, and this was a responsible crew.


So we played games or whatever (honestly I don’t remember because I probably was not paying ANY attention to what we were doing), and at 10 or 11 or so my lady-friends were like, “Well, my mom’s going to pick us up now, so bye!”

Wait, what? I thought we were all staying … that was the plan. Nevermind …

This is a good time to mention that none of us had ill intentions for spending the night. We were pretty damn squeaky clean teenagers. If all of us had stayed the night, I’m sure nothing would have happened because we would have been too busy watching Monty Python movies or talking about All State Choir / Band auditions.



So, despite the fact my female friends bailed, I had permission to stay (kind of) so I stayed.

It got to the point where everybody was winding down and picking places to crash. I picked a place on the living room floor.

But then came a stellar line from my crush (might trump the chemistry one) that went something like: “Actually, you should stay in this room away from everybody else. I’ll stay in there with you and keep watch to make sure nobody makes a move on you.”

Yeah … right.

Well, you can pretty much guess what happened next. Keep in mind that we were 15 and 17, so it was all very PG and made-for-TV-movie.

The next morning my mom called to see when to pick me up, and my friend Richard, who had a way with words and timing, loudly said, “DON’T TELL YOUR MOM THAT NO OTHER GIRLS STAYED OVER!!!!!!”


(thanks, Richard!)

Which lead to the most uncomfortable car ride with my mom to this date (and probably ever).

In case you’re curious what happened with me and that crush, it didn’t really work out and got super awkward and angsty pretty quickly. Awkward teenage angst at its best. Stephanie Meyer should pick up that part of my story and turn me into a sparkly vampire or werewolf or something so I can collect royalties.


Okay. Your turn. Spill it. What’s your most embarrassing / awkward teenage moment? (bonus points if your parents STILL do not know the story)

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  1. When I was in high school, I lived in the basement where there was a strict “no boys in the basement” rule. However, I would always just sneak out my window and hang out with boys to all hours of the night. One time, my mom comes in to my bedroom and notices me gone with my window open, so when I came home, all the windows were closed and doors were locked. I had to ring the doorbell to get in. I somehow manipulated the conversation to be about one of my guy friends being pressured to have sex before he was ready and just needed someone to talk to about it (totally not true- that guy ended up being my ex-fiancee a few years later…oops). But my mom thought I was being so noble in fighting for abstinence that I got a slap on the wrist and it was never talked about again.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      That is a GREAT story. 🙂 Did your mom ever figure out what actually happened?

      One time my high school boyfriend and I were just sitting and talking in my basement (seriously) and having such a good time that before we knew what happened it was 2 or 3 in the morning, and the doorbell ring. At the door was his MOM. My mom was so tired she didn’t really understand what was going on and as she woke up I heard: “CALEE ALLEEN HIMES!!!!”

      1. Connie says: Reply

        Oh how I remember. You have some other good stories from those days.
        The Mom that lost a lot of sleep those days.

        1. chimes says: Reply

          Oh man. I remember when Matthew and I were up really late talking (seriously!) and you showed up at our door looking for him at 2 AM! And that one time you walked in on us in the shed.

  2. Our “smart kid class” always had a coed sleepover once a year from 7th grade until we graduated. It coincided with a big group project that was due every spring. We all were pretty tight since it was the same dozen or so kids for 6 years.

    Well, MY sophomore year coed sleepover this one girl and I made out for about four hours. Second base baby! We were positive the other ten people surrounding us were dead asleep the whole time.


    Breakfast was interesting the next day.

    She was embarrassed.

    Me, Not so much.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      lol that’s pretty much what happened except it was just me and a bunch of guys, so I’m sure when I left there were high fives alllll around. 😉

    2. chimes says: Reply

      and that reminds me of a totally didn’t story. senior prom my friend un-invited me to her after-prom sleepover because she swore that me and the BF “did it” at the after-prom sleepover the previous year (you know, in the middle of a room full of people … um no. gross. and i was also 15. so no way!)

  3. I don’t have a good story, but I have to leave a comment telling you how much I enjoyed seeing these old school photos. Check out that cordless phone! Love it!!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      somehow i don’t believe you don’t have a good story. 😉

      i know … been watching “felicity” lately and am time-warping back to high school / college because they all have those VTech cordless phones!

      1. Felicity is the greatest show ever.


        We went off to college the same year, so I have a special place in my heart for that Doe-eyed frizzy-haired vixen.

  4. Mom says: Reply

    ok, Calee, you have to spill the beans in PM to me on who this crush was so I can rattle my brain. The only time I remember you staying someplace without my permission was during a snowstorm.
    YOUR MOM….

  5. Um my most awkward moment with my mom (maybe…there were a lot…she did NOT know how to handle a teenage girl) was when I went on birth control because of my horrendous cramps. I was dating the high school boyfriend at the time pretty seriously and I remember my mom asked me in the car point blank if we were having sex. I COULD NOT and CAN NOT talk to my mom about much more than the weather so after a very long pause I said, “None of your business.” Awkward…

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