WIAW: Or that time I managed to over-procrastinate studying for finals. – life+running

WIAW: Or that time I managed to over-procrastinate studying for finals.



Take a peek at the delicious ways that I managed to escape studying (though I had best intentions! I even cleared my calendar), then head over to Peas and Crayons to see what everybody else has been munching.



So last Wednesday night, I stayed home and started studying for my graphic design history (or GD history) final that’s on Friday. I got about 40 minutes into it and decided that I needed to make flash cards, but I didn’t have stuff to make flash cards, so that didn’t happen. I had decided if I was going to study, I needed booze. Preferably wine. I used to practice “wine down wednesdays” with a couple glasses of wine each wednesday night. This mimosa thing sounded interesting, so I tried it. Don’t drink pre-made mimosas. It’s just disgusting. Ew, ew, ew. I’m cringing remembering the taste. Mark couldn’t even stomach it.

Since I started intuitive eating, I have been eating a metric butt-ton of cereal. I had previously banned cereal because it was high carb and high sugar. But I’ve started allowing myself some of the healthier (lower sugar, higher fiber) cereals again. And I’ve been busy, so I ate so much cereal last week that we ran out of bowls. Here’s some flax cereal with chia and cacao nibs, with a side of jasmine green tea (not Guinness).



Speaking of tea … I finally decided to try to grow a mother SCOBY to brew some kombucha. She’s a mother all right. Not quite there just yet.


Thursday evening I came home to a box on my doorstep. It was fitmixer’s new “clean energy” — made with stevia and other natural sweeteners instead of sucralose. I’m loving this, but stevia and I sometimes don’t mix because there is cross-reactivity with ragweed allergies and stevia. But, so far, so good, so I’m going to keep drinking it. I’ve been using it to gear up at the end of mentally exhausted days.



Mark created this really great spring-roll inspired salad for dinner. It’s napa cabbage, cilantro, peppers, carrots, edamame, peanuts, and rice noodles with a really great asian dressing by Braggs. We made this salad a couple times last week. So. Good.529454caae1211e2a94522000a1fbc56_7


Besides the salad, I think the true highlight of my week was this grilled cheese sandwich. It’s on Ezekial Flax Seed bread that was generously sent to me from Food For Life (thank you — seriously my favorite bread! easy to digest even if you have a gluten sensitivity). There is half a pear and some chipotle colby cheese on it. YUM. This was my Friday night dinner. 



For dessert I decided to try one of these Chobani Flips. I found this flavor and Key Lime. Key Lime is now my go-to dessert when I’m craving something sweet. It’s got 19 grams of sugar in it, so it’s not a half-assed dessert replacement like some yogurts might be. It’s the real deal.


Speaking of dessert, I had dessert for lunch on Saturday. I finally tried a spiked shake from Zombie Burger because my friend was in town and that’s where he wanted to go (remember, I didn’t like it!). I’m still not impressed. I still haven’t tried their burgers, because I’m never hungry enough for a monster burger. So instead I tried a shake. This is a s’mores shake with some sort of booze (maybe rum?) in it. I managed to almost knock the glass on the floor too because I rock.



When I got home on Saturday, Mark decided he wanted to take me out to eat (you know, wine and dine me). So we split an appetizer of mussels (which, if you didn’t know, I’m from Iowa, so you can imagine they were less than amazing). 331cf81aafa511e2a94622000a1fbd9f_7


And not pictured is the macaroni that we split. We can never decide on anything and we always joke about getting the macaroni and cheese from here, but it is just TOO much for one person. So we split it, and I ended up taking half of my split portion home because the mussels were so filling (and I was eyeing the desserts).

For dessert we had a piece of lemon buttercream cake. It was so good. If we hadn’t split all our food it would have just been way too much, but since everything was a half (or quarter) portion I came out of there happy as a clam (or mussel).



The next morning we went on our Sunday morning coffee run, but ended up walking 5 miles instead of 2 because it was so nice out. We decided to stop for a legit breakfast, instead of just coffee and a scone, bagel, piece of fruit, or granola bar. It was gorgeous out, so we dined outside. I got a goat cheese, tomato, spinach, and basil crepe. And proceded to carry more than half of it home (they stuff those puppies!). It was so good. And I was pretty impressed because this restaurant / coffee shop is known for its terrible service. A friend of mine said we must have looked extra hip to get served. Yup. So hip in our pajamas/walking gear. 😉



What was the best thing you ate last week? I ate way too many good things last week that it’s just too dang hard to decide.


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  1. Tiffani says: Reply

    Holy moly! That crepe looks freaking divine!

    The best thing I ate last week was definitely a veggie and chicken stir fry!

  2. I believe you need to list restaurants so I can go eat the food you’re talking about. Just sayin!

  3. I want to try making my own kombucha, but the process is a bit daunting for me. I wish us Midwesterners had better access to great seafood. I love seafood. Luckily I do have one source in my area that’s awesome. You seem be doing so well with IE. Nice work! The best thing I’ve eaten this week was probably the steelhead trout I blogged about….on the grill! Delicious. 🙂

    1. chimes says: Reply

      thanks lady! I’ve been really working hard on this. sometimes when i’m stressed it’s hard to remember to actually eat, or to not eat crap, so there is more thought to it than what it seems like. 🙂

      I actually just dumped a GT’s in a jar with some extra sugar and tea. So far, so good.

  4. Tamara says: Reply

    LOVE the idea (and photo, and sounds) of a spring roll inspired salad. Thanks for sharing!

    And I agree, your crepe looks divine.

    I have made water kefir… I need to get back into it again. I killed my water kefir grains so I had to order more from Cultures for Health. Those aren’t really growable, to my knowledge (plus they don’t really sell bottled water kefir, that I’m aware of). I really like it, though!

    1. calee says: Reply

      never heard of water kefir. that’s interesting. looking it up!

  5. I just have to say that I loved reading through all of this and hearing you talk about fullness and satisfaction like it’s been the norm for you forever….you have changed SO much! Tell me the truth…before IE, you would have left that dinner with Mark feeling miserable, wouldn’t you? Last weekend, I went with some friends to the Melting Pot (which used to be my all time, I’m ALWAYS going here for my birthday favorite) and shocked the HELL out of myself when I said no to the fourth course of chocolate fondue. In the past, I would know I was going to leave stuffed to the brim so once that chocolate was brought out, I was just like, “fuck it!” and then of course, I would make myself insanely sick, but THIS night, I had one bite just out of curiosity. Then I felt like I was on cloud nine as I rode home with my friends and listened to them all complaining about how full they were! WIN!!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      yeah … i would have been MISERABLE. I left a deli last night feeling a bit miserable, but it was because i did something i knew would be a bad idea: go there after lifting. I should have grabbed a protein shake first. I needed that protein and that’s what my body wanted, so i ended up eating a HUGE sandwich, when really I just needed the meat off of it. Oh well, now I know! eating after lifting is still hard for me, but that’s the one area I need improvement I think.

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