this week’s pinterest board is comprised of images i need to study for my graphic design history final next week. i’m planning to keep it around long after the final because there is some really great inspiration here.

[prw username=”chimes” boardname=”design-historic-design” maxfeeds=”5″
divname=”myList” printtext=”0″ target=”newwindow” useenclosures=”yes”
thumbwidth=”172″ thumbheight=”172″ showfollow=”medium”]

I’m going to be really glad when finals are over … and I might not take 2 grad classes while working full time again.

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3 Responses to pinterest board of the week [2]: historic design

  1. Ahhh! Love all the Mtv graphics….especially the hairy eyeball one! Lol Ugh, I wish Mtv would go back to what it used to be…I miss music videos!

    Good luck on your finals! You’re almost there! 😀

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