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What I ate Wednesday #WIAW: Intuitive Eating edition.

(Trigger Warning: this post could be triggering to those who have had experience with eating disorders.)

Last time I did What I ate Wednesday somebody called me out on not doing it “right”. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to do it. It’s about sharing something we all have in common: food — or, what I ate. But, I made the pledge that I would photograph one day’s worth of actual eats. I usually do random foodings throughout my week, or share a recipe for something I’ve been digging lately. But, I keep forgetting to do it. So this week is an adventure in intuitive eating. Maybe next week I’ll do What I ate Wednesday properly. 😉

I’m working on becoming an intuitive eater (and so has Mark). That means no judging myself (or Mark), my food (or Mark’s food), or basing my eating habits on how I want to look. It’s all based on learning my hunger and satiety cues and learning what foods make me feel good / bad — and not guilty or pleased with myself. I’ve also been working on being a super-taster in order to figure out what I truly like and dislike. Yesterday I discovered I don’t like donuts (at least after I eat them) and don’t like chicken much.

So what DO I like? Let’s find out.

I love tea. I have so many different kinds and I’ve taken to drinking a few different ones every day.

daily tea // lifeplusrunning.com


After reading Janetha’s post about cobb salad last week, I had a major craving. It turned out we had all the ingredients in the house except bacon and cheese — and chicken, but neither of us wanted chicken. Funny, because I didn’t realize I didn’t LIKE chicken at this point, I just didn’t want it in my salad.

cobb salad minus the c // lifeplusrunning.com


And I must share forward her acronym for cobb salad ingredients. Thanks J. We used carrot for the “c” instead of chicken.

cobb salad acronym by mealsandmovesblog.com

I’ve been in love with kefir. I decided to try my hand at making my own frozen kefir. I used 1 C cream, 1 bottle plain Lifeway Kefir, 1/2 c sugar (yes, sugar. I was going to use vanilla stevia, but decided to make this recipe with real cream and real sugar the first time so it was most like ice cream), and 1 vanilla bean. I topped with cacao nibs (of course) when it was finished.

homemade frozen kefir and cacao nibs // lifeplusrunning.com


And I made pizza using some leftover juice pulp from Mark’s bruschetta juice. I did a socca crust and added fresh mozzarella. I had a massive broccoli craving, so I topped a leftover piece with a bunch of broccoli for lunch one day. And this is the only photo with decent lighting because I have a giant picture window at work in my cube. 🙂

broccoli and cheese pizza // lifeplusrunning.com


And we had breakfast for dinner on Monday. We’ve not been planning our meals and have been discussing what we feel like eating when we get home from work every evening. It’s not conducive to our budget or time, but it’s been helping us both move forward and learn to eat intuitively. We had 4 slices of bacon leftover from cobb salad, which wasn’t enough for BLT sandwiches, and normally Mark wouldn’t think that was enough for him for breakfast for dinner, but I decided to make blueberry banana pancakes, which are one of his favorite things, so bacon was a side and not the best part of the meal. I made these pancakes with “regular” ingredients (no protein powder, added flax, etc., though I did use spelt flour because that’s what we have), but we didn’t have sugar and the only oil we had was olive, so I subbed out 2 bananas for the 1 c sugar and 1/4 c oil. These were the most pancake-like pancakes we’ve had for SO long.

blueberry banana pancakes and bacon // lifeplusrunning.com


And yes, that’s real butter.

Also, that’s faux maple syrup with HCFS. It’s what we had, and I don’t love it, and I’d rather have real maple syrup, but a tablespoon isn’t going to kill me, and it made my pancakes taste legit. I was going to put agave on instead of the syrup, but I looked at the sugar content and the serving size, and for 1 T of agave it’s 14 g sugar, and 1 T of the kinda gross HCFS syrup it was 3.5 g sugar. And when it comes down to it, sugar is sugar, and agave AND HCFS are both fructose — which is  the reason most people think HCFS is bad because it spikes your blood sugar without the added fiber that comes in fruit. Anyway, that was a tangent. My point is that sugar is sugar is sugar is sugar, no matter what your source. My banana added nutrients to these pancakes that wouldn’t have been there if I used white sugar, but it was still sugar.




What have you been eating lately? 


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  1. All your food looks delicious! I have been trying to do more intuitive eating myself. I feel so much better!

  2. Sugar IS sugar. And sometimes you just need to go with Aunt Jemima. She never failed me growing up. Neither did Bisquick. And those were some dang fluffy pancakes.

    I also want to bury my face in that pile of broccoli but am concerned about the state of my digestive tract post faceplant.

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