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currently: march

I loved the “currently” survey I did in January so much that I decided to do it again. The idea came from my friend Lauren, who got the idea from her friend Jenny who does one of these each month.

Current books:

march books // lifeplusrunning.c

The Night Circus is really good, but I haven’t been into reading in the last week or so, which is a shame because my digital library loan ends in a couple of days. Same goes for World War Z, but honestly, I just didn’t get into that one. The other two are textbooks.

Current music:

The Next Day by David Bowie. Just released today. I’m listening on spotify, and then I’ll probably pick it up. Not sure if I want digital or vinyl. I would love to get a digital copy when I purchase vinyl (like Amazon is doing with CDs), but that is probably not going to happen.

Current guilty pleasure:

I had a donut for breakfast. I don’t feel guilty. I feel gross. It tasted good while I ate it, so I ended up eating the whole one instead of the half I’d intended for tasting purposes (yay intuitive eating phase one! Tasting alllll the “off limits” foods to see if you like them). I have a massive headache, my gut aches, and I feel like I’m going to hurl. I guess that’s not guilty or pleasurable, but I couldn’t think of anything else. It tasted good when I ate it. Does that count? I don’t think I’m going to have a donut again. Barf.

Current nail color:

you're such a budapest OPI //

OPI’s “You’re such a Budapest”. Only mine is all chippy, but it’s evenly applied. 😉


Current drink:

WATER. and lots of it. I want to flush that donut out of my system ASAP so my headache and stomachache might go away.

Current food:

Not donuts.

Current favorite show: 

Raising Hope. I think we have 1 or 2 more episodes left on Netflix before we’re out of episodes. It’s by the people who did My Name Is Earl, and has frequent crossovers, as well as references to Mallrats, which I enjoy. I think the good folks from Malcom In The Middle had a hand in this show too because there are a lot of actors from MITM that show up in Raising Hope. Also, I am a HUGE fan of Cloris Leachman, and her character in this show is a riot.

Current wish list:

Hmmm …

  1. The new David Bowie album on vinyl and a digital copy
  2. Snow to quit falling (seriously … it’s March 12. C’mon)
  3. More free time
  4. Mark to graduate and get a job
  5. My injuries to magically be better so I can get back to running like I want to

Current needs:
More free time. And no more snow. I think that qualifies as a need right now.

Current triumphs:
I came up with a brilliant idea for a poster for graphic design history class. Our professor said we can take the midterm test OR design a poster. Catch is that the poster needs to be better than the posters we’ve looked at in class because we’re going to glean design ideas from those posters. But I think I have a winning concept, especially for this professor. The other catch? Topic is: awkward dating situations.

Current bane of my existence:

Current celebrity crush:
Not sure? I guess if I had to pick, I’d say Marky Mark. I thought I’d rekindle my love for James Franco after seeing Oz last week (by the way, if you haven’t seen it, GO!), but he was kind of a skeez in that movie, and I never noticed his teeth … so Marky Mark it is.

Current indulgence:

That frackin’ donut. Seriously. Donuts look good sometimes … but they lie.

Current blessing:

Not having a roommate for close to a month (if you ignore my bills almost doubling). It’s been really nice just having the place to the two (or 3 if you count Barney) of us.

Current slang:
Using the word “penis” as a verb. It makes for hilarious texting. Also, I have lived with two boys for three years.

Current outfit:

A really springy dress (and matching flower in my hair) paired with snow boots. Yup. Happy Iowa March.

Current excitement:

SPRING BREAK. I’m still working, but I don’t have class. My prof even canceled Friday’s class, so I get a lunch hour on Friday to do with what I want.

Current mood:

BLAH. Seriously that donut put me in a crappy mood. I’m making a mental note of that for future food experimentation.

Current link: It’s an action-oriented approach to projects. Each project has action steps (like a to do list). I love it. Just started using it yesterday and I’m already addicted.

Current hairstyle:

march hairstyle //

Mark’s eye view. 🙂 My new monitor that I got at work is HUGE (and temporary). It’s an apple monitor, and to my surprise, has a camera on it that takes over my laptop’s camera.

Growing out my hair, and this is what it looks like when I wake up in the AM. I figured out that I can curl my hair with my straightener, so I’ve been using that to tame a few of the weird flips here and there.


What’s currently happening with you?


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  1. Your hair is so darn cute, I love it. And I’m completely in the same boat as you with respect to snow. NO MORE. Bring on spring already!!

  2. I want to see the poster when it’s done!!!


  3. Ugh. Snow. It’s pissing me off big time. Also, way jealous of your spring break! (Even if it’s just off school.)

  4. Love your hair! Also – send your snow to Denver! We need and want it here.

    Do you read She does these monthly ‘Currently’ posts too – a bit different than yours but I enjoy hers too.

    And that nail polish has moved to my want list too.

    1. ooh, i like the way she does it!

      that polish is kind of great. there’s a few other colors in that collection that I must have too. you know, cuz i paint my nails all the time (not).

      we don’t want any more snow. boo.’s starting to melt. so maybe it will make it your way. 😉

  5. Omg, I LOVE your hair AND your cute little flower! So sorry to hear about the donut woes sweetie! If it makes you feel any better, I just TOTALLY overdid it on a bowl (ok, more like 2 and a HALF) bowls of cereal! So now I’m sitting here, catching up on blogs and thanking GOD that you didn’t include any pics of food on this post! Ha! ugh…remember how I just mentioned that I’m still in the trial/error stage of intuitive eating? ERROR!

    I can’t wait to see your poster! Sounds like fun!

    1. Calee says: Reply

      that freaking donut ruined my day. haha. feeling better, but i had a pretty downhill tummy week after that. definitely needing to do another juice reboot (3 day) but I am enjoying eating food way too much.

  6. DUDE! I hate donuts for just that reason. People frickin’ LOVE them so I’m always like, “Oh, yeah, I bet those are really good. And look, there is jelly inside! Or it has sprinkles! Or it’s really just cake!” But no. SUGAR BOMB. And then it affects your stomach, your mood, everything. To be honest, this is the way I feel also about french fries and fried chicken. Or really anything fried. Don’t hate on me because I don’t want to eat it. I know it TASTES good, but it certainly feels HORRIBLE afterwards.

    Geez. Sorry about that. I’m going to go eat a carrot or something.

    While thinking about how much I also hate snow and cold weather…and wishing it were MY spring break. SO SOON.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      there’s certainly a threshold for all of those things. donut: 1/4 of a donut or the equivelant of a donut hole. French fries (better be waffle or crinkle fries): 5-6 without feeling like crap. 1 small order without feeling like death.

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