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suck it, trebek.

I aced the test that I took last week. It’s a class that’s full of undergraduates, and it’s also a class that I might take a bit too seriously. It’s a design history class with a professor who’s kind of easy-going. I sit up front. I over-study.

And I’m kind of a teacher’s pet.

I get picked on a bit by the prof, which serves me right considering I had him for my undergraduate degree and remember getting picked on then as well. It’s kind of embarrassing, but not really because I don’t associate with the other students in the class other than in that class. But I’ve been painted as the class dork (which, I guess I am, but whatever).

I probably care more about this class than they do because it might be the only graduate course I get to take (depending on where Mark’s job takes him), and because I must get a B+ or better to have my job reimburse me for tuition.

Anyway … suck it, kids. I got the only “A” on the test we took last week. Because I pay attention, take notes, and studied said notes.

leave it to me to spin something positive with some negative vibes.

(also, I must point out that I work full time, freelance part time, find time to work out, have hobbies, and still had time to study for this test)

I was going to photograph the test and post it, but I missed two, and I thought I got 100%.

Instead, here’s a lovely cross stitch by my friend Calee (yes, Calee!) that expresses my attitude towards just about everything, especially tests.

xstitch by calee spinney ///

Hypothetically speaking, have you ever wanted to stick your tongue out at a bunch of people?

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  1. Love it! You rock, girl! Way show those youngin’s how it’s done. Bam!

  2. Nicely done! Isn’t it great when hard work pays off? 🙂

  3. Doris says: Reply

    That’s awesome. I’m pretty sure those undergrads pretty much feel the same way about you that the undergrads in my graphic design class at Drake thought of me.

  4. Amanda says: Reply

    That was me all through grad school, and probably will be again. Work it!

  5. You’re freaking awesome!

  6. Nicely done, ma’am.

    I know I didn’t take that class seriously. But honestly, given a do-over …

    I totally would teacher’s-pet-it-up too.

  7. haha I love/hate you! My roommate thinks I’m an over-studying nerd, but I am still struggling in school! Rough semester, I tell ya!

    I’m also that person who e-mails the teacher…and goes to the teacher’s office an hour away to look over the tests (that I got A’s on but that she wouldn’t let me see otherwise). I don’t know anyone else who does that (weird right??).

    But I’ve gotten A’s in all my nutrition classes so far…so there? 🙂

  8. I was nerd girl many a time (and I will probably soon be again). I think it just shows you have confidence and desire to actually be there, which is a lot more refreshing in the long run than someone twiddling her thumbs and glancing at the clock. [This is, however, coming from a teacher.] I still am the one in faculty meetings raising my hand and speaking out…because apparently teachers hate talking in front of adults. Go figure.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      ha. i can definitely see you doing that. turns out that a lot of the students actually look up to me (aww) as I found out during a portfolio review that I participated in as a reviewer.

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