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darling don’t you go and cut your hair.

It’s not Thursday, but I have a tune for you. It’s a classic by Pavement.

I’ve got it stuck in my head, because I jokingly said I wasn’t going to cut my hair until after my co-worker returns from maternity leave. She hasn’t left yet. She should be back sometime in June.

I considered this a challenge, and you know I like a good challenge. She doesn’t think I can do it. But I’ve been trying to grow my hair back out for the last few years, but it got too hot to not have my hair in a ponytail, and it was too short to ponytail, so it got cut off. And I’ve never had long hair when my hair was really healthy (no junky products, no bleach, regular maintenance trims).

I used to have really long hair. In fact, I had the same haircut between 8th grade until 2009 when I lopped it off. I haven’t had hair past my chin since 2009. And I haven’t had the same haircut twice.

I’m currently here (for reference):

oh hai there // lifeplusrunning.com

But would like to get back here (without gel in my hair or sun-in or bleach).

2007 long hair

Although, it’s been really, really hard not to dye my hair red again this season.

red hair

But, I’m not going to do this again this summer … at least until July. 🙂

super short hair

Besides, if I don’t cut my hair every month, I can spend that cash on more fun things, like manicures, pedicures, and massage. The latter of those things would greatly help my running injury situation.


Have any (silly) personal challenges going on now?

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  1. No fun challenges like that for me at the moment, but now I’m thinking I should have one. You know, for fun! 🙂 Happy Monday!

  2. Hmm… I don’t think I’ve got any silly personal challenges? Yours is fun, though. Good luck on growing it out! I used to hack mine to shoulder length every summer when I got sick of the summer heat, but I’d always be mad at myself after. Glad I broke that habit!

  3. Tiffani @Miles In Murray says: Reply

    Your hair right now is soooo cute! I am in the natural curl club too and I wish my hair could be as cute as yours when it is short 🙂

    1. chimes says: Reply

      thanks! You’ll never know until you try … 🙂 curly hair is super easy short. just trust me.

  4. Laura says: Reply

    I have set myself the ridiculous challenge of not buying any clothes until Christmas. It may just kill me.

  5. As you know from my own posts- my challenge is similar! Trying to grow out my hair as well…I have never regretted a haircut as much as my current one! Le sigh.

  6. girl you hair looks cute no matter what! but i do like the idea of saving money. Haven’t cut mine in several months!!

  7. You are one of those lucky people who look cute no matter how long their hair is! I love it! If I went short… I would look like a chia pet! 😉 I have wanted to cut it for some time… but I don’t have the nerve.

  8. I agree with Brittany…you have a perfect face for any hairstyle. I kind of love where it is now, as for some reason the long hair doesn’t mesh with your personality in my mind. But that just goes to show we impose emotional/internal characteristics on people based on external judgements.

    Did I just try to get deep in a post about cutting hair?

    1. chimes says: Reply

      haha yeah you did. and thank you. i actually had a brilliant idea as to why i’m going to grow my hair out. but i’m going to keep it a secret because it has to do with a wedding that doesn’t exist and hasn’t been planned yet.

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