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Fitness Friday: They tried to make me go to rehab …

(Trigger Warning: this post could be triggering to those who have had experience with eating disorders.)

… and I will goooo whoa whoa.

I swear. Look at this face, would I lie? 

oh hai there //

fitness friday //

My fitness routine is all about rehabbing my dorked up knee, super-tight IT bands and calves, plantar fasciitis, and (mostly healed) ankle sprain.

Wow, that’s a lot going on all at once. And I’m planning to run a marathon this year?

Yes. I. AM.

How? Because I’m going to finally for-realzies rehab all these injuries. Fortunately, everything I’ve injured is related (which is probably how I have so many injuries), and by working on one thing, I’m working on everything. And by working on everything, I should kick all these ailments to the curb. Hell, I noticed that when I rolled my IT bands and stretched my hammies that my plantar fasciitis subsided.

Instead of giving you a day-by-day breakdown of actual workouts, I’ll go over the moves I’m doing to rebuild (or build a better version of) my body.

Dorked up Knee

When doing all these exercises, I have to make sure my legs do not roll in towards each other and focus on targeting my butt. 😉

Tight IT Bands

This is the main cause of my dorked up knee, come to find out. I’ve dealt with tight IT bands before, so I know what to do. I’m trying to build up my glut med muscle in my butt, and some other key leg muscles.

i can touch my toes //

Plantar Fasciitis
Tight Calves

slow jog and calf raises //

Sprained Ankle
  • Graston technique … I cannot express how much this affected my healing.
  • KT Taping for extra support — was using an ankle support, but that made my plantar fasciitis worse and made me lose mobility, so I quit using it since my ankle is actually pretty good.
  • Balance disc work (one-legged deadlift with and without weight)
What I’m considering:

Might go back to my ASICS shoes that I loved (GT 2100 series, in case you’re interested — been in those since 2008). All of these injuries started when I had the hair-brained idea to switch shoes last fall. When something’s not broken, why fix it?


Have you ever dealt with an injury? What did you do for rehabilitation? 

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  1. It still blows my mind how switching shoes can cause such a crazy reaction in our bodies! I still remember when I switched from Mizuno to Brooks/Asics and my knee revolted! My running was in a terrible place and I cut back a lot because I couldn’t find a local store that sold Mizunos. So happy when I finally found them and could get back to my running. Mizuno4LIFE! 😉

  2. I badly injured my Achilles tendon a few years ago– that was awful. I couldn’t run for almost two months. And I got the injury from running in bad shoes with poor support. Once I was off of crutches, I just tried to slowly get back in the game with long brisk walks, lots of stretches, and eventually jogging/running. I always wear a brace or bandage now to add extra support.

  3. You definitely have a PLAN! Holy cow. As I was reading through everything, something came to mind that I used a few years ago to help with tight calves/plantar faschitis. I bought a strassburg sock to wear at night. Not exactly the sexy-ist thing ever, but it looks like you mean business. 🙂

    1. chimes says: Reply

      haha that IS super sexy!

      I forgot to mention that I’m not sleeping on my side anymore and am sleeping on my back, so that should help with toe-pointing.

  4. I did not understand half this post. Sigh. I need a fitness translator.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      translation: My legs are broked.

  5. HOORAY for touching toes! It’s it exciting?!!

    1. ps – cute hair!

      1. chimes says: Reply


        Also, I’m having a not-so-flexible day. I really think tight IT bands are to blame for my inflexibility. :/ Super tight today. Getting them grastoned after work.

  6. Nicholas says: Reply

    Just started reading your blog this morning. Sounds like you have had a rough time of it. I switched to zero drop shoes and started following K-Star ( and it is amazing how much better my body is doing with running. Kelly has some awesome videos on working your IT band. It is like PT at home! Hopefully all gets better soon!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      ooh — thanks! Yes, it’s been a rough year. I think I tried to go back into running too quickly after taking time off. It’s hard because I was so used to just being able to pick up and run 7 or 8 miles after taking time off, but that’s not the case anymore. This week has been better. Dr. Wheat graston-ed my IT bands on Monday and that made a world of difference (and soreness! but they’re looser now).

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