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#WIAW: Dessert. Real dessert.

Ain’t no veggies in this post, fellow what-i-ate-Wednesday-ers.

I don’t know about you, but I like dessert.

And I’m not talking a sliver of diet dessert. I’m talking real dessert.

So when I order something, like, say, fried ice cream, I want fried ice cream. The real deal — greased up sugary coating and real ice cream. Not a ball of Blue Bunny vanilla rolled in corn flakes sans grease. Not cool, fellas, not cool.

unsatisfying not-so-fried ice cream // lifeplusrunning.com


Why does it matter? Trust me, it matters. It matters because if I don’t have a satisfying dessert, it leaves me wanting more. I was sharking around after that dessert on Saturday night for more sweet stuff. If I would have gotten what I’d ordered (yes, greasy, sugar-coated ice cream!) I would have been satisfied. But no.

Seriously guys. I want to talk to you about dessert. And everything sweet. You see, a while back I gave up sugar. It was an experiment as guided by Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” book. It was a great experiment, because I saw how addicted I truly am to sugar, and the effects that it has on me (fatigue, bloat, extreme changes in blood sugar, crankiness, etc.).

Before this experiment, I was eating small doses of sugar in large quantities every day to quell my sweet tooth, which in reality, was perpetuating my sweet cravings. I was actually eating MORE sugar than what would be in one serving of a real dessert. Some days I’d eat 80-90 g of sugar, which is at least twice what I probably should be eating (Sarah Wilson recommends 20 g or less). Now, even on days that I have a good dessert, it’s more like 30-40 g. My body is liking this change. I don’t feel like I have a hangover every day any more. And I’m not hangry after workouts (which Mark appreciates since he makes dinner).

After my experiment, I decided I’m not quitting sugar altogether. Though, Sarah and a few others make a great case for quitting sugar completely. Even though I’m not quitting, I am most definitely not consuming sugar in the obscene amount that I was having daily before this experiment. I’m not eating foods with added sugar (anything with cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, the word “syrup”, molasses, honey, agave, etc.) except dessert. So you bet that when I get dessert, it’s going to be full-on full-fat, full sugar, no-holds-barred.

This is a philosophy I hope everybody can embrace.

Just think — would you rather have one piece of the world’s most perfect cheesecake (or insert your favorite dessert here) once every once in a while, or have a piece of some half-assed low-fat faux diet fake-out dessert once a day?

I think you know the answer to that question.

Restaurants: When I order dessert, it damn well be as described on the menu. If it’s fried, I want grease. If it’s chocolate, I want it oozing. Don’t skimp on the sweet stuff because I’m holding off for that perfect piece of pie.


Would you rather eat one piece of not-so-satisfying dessert a day than have the most delectable dessert once a week?

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  1. Most def the no-holds-barred stuff. I like my dessert RICH.

    I’ve been thinking lately about sugar as well. Although I don’t feel like I consciously eat a lot of sugar, I think I’m taking in more than I realize. I get ‘sugar crashes’ more than I’d like (where I get all shaky and feel like shit).

    Nice job cutting back :).

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Yeah… you should try the experiment. Her book is like $8 (e-book anyway).

      The biggest thing I took away from her book is don’t eat things with added sugar that shouldn’t be sweet (like bread, for instance). So we’ve switched some of our products and that’s helped.

      1. True. I do think that’s where it’s getting me the most. I don’t use sweetener in coffee, so it’s not that, and I don’t normally add it to things, so I think it’s just sneaking in where I don’t realize.

        I was also reading at Back to Her Roots about her giving up sugar for Lent, so that had me thinking about it (although I never give up things for Lent anyway).

        I’ll check it out here at some point. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Giving up sugar for Lent!

  3. I do a delectable dessert once a week. I can make things that are no-sugar at home that are just as satisfying – I legit love my micro protein cake!

    Sugars… I’m like 35-40g a day, but it’s all fruit (I eat 3 serbvings a day). If I go overboard or have processed sugars I get a hardcore hangover!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Yeah, I have a true addiction, so I even have to steer clear of fruit early on in the day. I switched my protein powder from PlantFusion to Sunwarrior (thought I like the texture of PF better) because SW has no sugar, and PF had 4 G leaving me wanting something sweet all day. I’ve been using rhubarb in my kale smoothies. The sugar I have now is mostly from dairy and veggies.

      I definitely get a hardcore sugar hangover now. I made carrot cake cupcakes a couple weekends ago (when I was testing myself with sugar — nope, actually addicted). I had one or two, and of course had taste tested as I was going. Not cool the next day. Ugh.

  4. Sugar is so stupidly addicting, but I’d much rather have it every so often because it’s SO much more enjoyable then.

  5. If I’m gonna eat it, it’s gotta be a party in my mouth!
    I have a sweet tooth too and have done several 30-day no sugar challenges. I find limiting sugar to special occasions the best strategy for me. Otherwise I’m dipping my hand in the chocolate chip bag all afternoon…

    1. chimes says: Reply

      haha SO TRUE. 110% agreed on that.

  6. Oh the balance of dessert! I definitely know that feeling of when you need a sweet, you need a sweet! Not a sweet wannabe, although you can sometimes train your sweet tooth to only like a certain type of sweet…or so I think. 🙂

    PS I thought wiaw was about a day’s worth of food? I must consult the rule book. 😉

  7. I love this- and AMEN!! Ahhh I’m so sick of people saying that they are “giving up dessert” for whatever reason. I find that when you deprive yourself of something, you want it more. And then you eventually eat it and go NUTS and then feel like sh*t about yourself. Screw that.
    I decided rather than doing what I was doing (just like you- small amount of sugar in a large “healthy” dessert) I’d rather just splurge every once in a while on the real thing. And that’s what I do- once a week. Except it’s been more like 2 or 3 times a week for the past 2 weeks with all of these holidays and other things. Whatever. Long live sugar! (In moderation.)

    1. chimes says: Reply

      yessss … i was thinking of you (and all the other healthy living bloggers, but mostly you) when I wrote this. I see so many protein muffins, cakes, and dessert-like things … why not just eat dessert? It makes sense for Laura not to because she’s training for a specific thing (and if somebody has a REAL deadline for a weight loss goal, then okay). but otherwise, if you’re just generally trying to live a healthy normal life, then eat dessert. dammit.

      my next weeks’ installment might be about booze. 😉

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