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me ‘n’ my docs love the 90s.

I was going to write you a post about what to do when you can’t exercise, since I’m currently taking a mini-break, but I got busy cleaning my craft room (which led me to another post that I’ll have this week), and before I knew it, 5 hours went by! Whoops. I have a clean craft room and a big bag of supplies to donate to the ISU Workspace.

My friend Lauren does a 5×5 survey every once in a while. Last week, she created a GenX edition while bitching about being old or something. 🙂 She’s going to turn 33 soon. While I’m not that ancient*, I am still a child of the 90s.

*no, I don’t think 33, 35, or 40 is old! Just thought I’d give her crap in case she’s reading this.


5×5: The Generation X Edition

Five fashion trends that I rocked

1. Doc Martens. I had a pair in just about every color and style. I still have my leopard print boots, and wear them semi-regularly (along with my Zero shirt that I procured from a friend after I foolishly gave mine to GoodWill).

the 90s called. they want their wardrobe and angst back //

2. A bare midriff. This was before the time of bad body image. I worked that baby fat.

90s bare midriff gwen stefani-inspired hair in 9th grade //

3. Roll-o-bangs. And various Gwen-Stefani-inspired hair styles (see above).

4. Platform shoes. I even earned the name “Spice Girl” (from my favorite bullies) for wearing them all the time.

spice-girl-inspired platform shoes //

5. Lots of oversized clothing. Like this. I don’t know what the hell it is. But I wore it. With a velour shirt underneath. And baggy JNCO jeans.

wtf is this oversized flannel thing //

Five movies/shows that define my high school years I watched over and over and over again

1. Clueless

2. Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

3. My So-Called Life

4. Wayne’s World

5. Happy Gilmore

Five things that I did for fun:

1. Wrote notes to my friends and crushes.

2. Rode my bike (this was pre-license — didn’t get that until 2000)

3. Stalked cute boys (not even kidding)

4. Movie parties

5. Roller blading


Five bands that were constantly playing in my car, bedroom, on my walkman:

I have to preface this with the fact that I had a pretty damn sweet setup. I took my dad’s old stereo speakers and his pre-amp and hooked those up to my walkman CD player and put that whole shabang under my bed. It was rockin’. I’m currently buying a lot of this stuff on vinyl. Ah, memories.

1. Smashing Pumpkins

2. Weezer

3. Korn

4. Insane Clown Posse (yes, this had to come out at some point. I used to be a juggalo … or juggalette?)

5. Led Zeppelin

(honorable mention: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Spice Girls, and Slipknot)


Five things I thought would happen in the future:

1. I’d be engaged before I went to college.

2. I’d be a high school English teacher.

3. I would be valedictorian of my college class (is that even a thing in college?)

4. I’d get discovered as a singer and front a band like Kittie.

5. I’d learn to play guitar or bass. (still maybe someday!)



Oh man. I love looking back on my middle school / high school years. So much fun. Besides all the Mean-Girls-esque drama.

What was your best / worst fashion statement from your formative years? 

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  1. Gah! What a fun post. I could totally relate to 95% of what you listed. Awesome. My biggest fashion mistake would have to be somewhere between the really big hair and bangs that required a curling iron and waaaayyy too much hairspray to keep in place. That and wearing the side clip on a big t-shirt–what were those called? With a scrunchie on my wrist. 🙂

  2. weezer, vans, docs, baggy jeans, flannel, yep! that was me!

  3. I am so so sickenly guilty of ALL of these. I used to wear my dad’s old, hole-y flannel shirt to school. And I thought I was hot shit. Bahahaha!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      I would kill for an old holey flannel shirt. I flipping love flannel. I still wear plaid flannel. I think there’s even proof of that in my “about me” page.

  4. Those JNCO jeans were the best. And then I always wore t-shirts with a flannel, for sure.

    And those butterfly clips! I see them in your hair. I freaking loved those.

    Oh, and my favorite might be the tennis shoes I wore in 4th-5th grade that I called my ‘Zebra’ shoes. They were white & black striped, and I loved them so much my parents bought me them in two sizes, so as I grew I could continue to wear them. With neon green laces, of course.

  5. hehe! this was a fun look at past-calee. my mom just sent me a big box of old photos and it was SO hilarious to look at what i thought was cool 10-15 years ago. i made this panda shirt (white t-shirt + puff paints) and it’s the saddest panda (as in, totally emo) and there are at LEAST 4 photos, on 4 different occasions, that i wore that out. i even wore it to meet the Colorado Rapids (MLS soccer team!). gotta laugh 🙂

    1. chimes says: Reply

      oh boy! I hope you find a way to post those. I need to finish getting through scanning pix from high school. I have about 10 albums left to scan.

      SAD PANDA.

  6. Kat @ Laura's Sprint2theTable says: Reply

    I am guilty of 99% of the above. wowzers. thanks for the flash back!

  7. The outfits in the first and 5th picture- I would have totally worn both!
    We would have been great friends, even though were like, still in elementary school when I was in high school. YIKES I feel old!

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