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When all else fails, caffeinate.

I’ve got a guest post up today over at The Semi-Healthy Blog that’s all about getting motivated for a workout when you just don’t wanna go. Stop over to read it and wish Amanda luck on her finals this week.

Let’s talk about the last thing on my motivation list: “When all else fails, caffeinate.”

when all else fails, caffeinate. // lifeplusrunning.com

I don’t really consume much caffeine. I have a cup of green tea every morning, but as you found out last week, I use the same bag every day for about a week (I’m gross, I know), so really, I’m not getting much caffeine in most of those cups.

I purposely don’t drink much caffeine for two reasons. 1) Because I don’t want to build a tolerance to caffeine; I want it to work for me when I need that extra energy boost. And 2) because sources heavy in caffeine hurt my GI system (another thing I should have added to Friday’s list).

However, sometimes I need that extra kick to get motivated for my workout. Especially during this time of year when most of my workouts happen in the dark. And this is when I turn to caffeine.

My favorite sources of caffeine:

When I need to boost motivation and focus:

  1. Amazing Grass Lime Energy // Tastes like lime kool-aid, and packs a powerful fistful of energy. Plus, it’s several servings of greens per serving. 
  2. Tazo Focus  // A blend of black tea and yerba mate that gives a boost of energy and focuses attention.
  3. Tazo Om // A delicious blend of black and green teas. 
  4. Vega Pre-Workout Energizer // I save this for special occasions, like races and long runs because this has more caffeine in it than I’d like to consume in one sitting. However, it’s got a blend of green tea and yerba mate, so it gives me some of the benefits I get from Focus and Om. 

When I need a kick in the ass:

  1. Tazo Awake // The name says it all. I get as much energy from this as I do from a cup of coffee, but there’s less caffeine and this doesn’t hurt my stomach like coffee can. 
  2. Green Mountain Half Caff // For when I have the occasional coffee craving. Not before a workout because it has the potential to hurt my stomach when coupled with a workout. 

When I need a frickin’ jetpack:

  1. Americano or skim latté from a local coffee house // I don’t drink espresso much, but when I do, I love to support the local community. My favorite local coffee house is Arcadia Café, and my favorite drink there is actually their London Fog (a tea drink), but they have some pretty spectacular lattés. 

For more sources of caffeine, and for a really interesting run down of the benefits and dangers of caffeine, check out The Ultimate Guide to Caffeine by Nerd Fitness.


Do you caffeineate daily? What are your favorite sources of caffeine?

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  1. I do caffeinate daily . . . with one Americano (one shot of espresso). That’s it, so I’m okay with it. One shot of espresso has less caffeine than a cup of coffee, so I don’t feel like it’s too much, and on the other hand it seems to be the perfect amount to get me going in the morning.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Really? I didn’t know espresso had less caffeine than coffee. This is great info!

      I’m drinking herbal tea this week with the juicing. I prefer the flavor of green tea, so maybe I’ll switch to decaf.

  2. I just love my coffee in the morning! I try to switch to tea after that…but I started drinking it in college, and although my consumption has gone WAY down, and now only occurs before 10AM (unless it is decaf and I am at a restaurant–where someone else is paying ;)) I don’t know that I will ever give it up.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      haha i love the caveat of “unless somebody else is paying”.

      I gotta do decaf after 5 PM. And I just finished some amazing grass lime (not quite juice, but it’s green, so I’m drinking that for energy fixes during my reboot).

  3. hi my name is katie and I am a self-proclaimed caffeine addict. 😉

    1. Haha ME TOO!! But my name is Amanda. 😉

  4. I caffeinate all the time lol! I’m definitely pinning that graphic!! 😉

    Thanks for giving me some relief from blogging. I really need it this week! I got online to print off some study materials in fact…oops!

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