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#fitnessfriday: FitKit and #KitchenWorkout

I have to share this cool infographic that I found on FitKit the other day. Did I mention that I’m part of their community now?

Basically FitKit is a personalized fitness package. You fill out a survey and they recommend different things based on your needs. It’s pretty cool. If you have a minute, check it out. In the meantime, read about the importance of sleep (also, sorry about the random Christian symbol in it. No, I’m not going all religious over here, and it’s silly that they picked the most dominant American religion to represent spirituality).


In other news, I swear my friend Laura reads my mind. She posted this on Tuesday, probably as I was writing my big post about cracking down on my nutrition and working out.


Short and sweet. This is the Kitchen Workout. It’s not a workout really, or even a diet — but a mantra of healthy eating habits that all of us can use.

the kitchen workout // sprint2thetable.com // graphics by chimesdesign.com/lifeplusrunning.com

Want to join? Then do it. Grab the graphic (any of them will do), pin it, share it, and start living it.

Also, I’ve got issues with the fad of “clean eating” as a diet. It’s not a diet — well, it’s not a diet in the sense that you normally think of a diet (like low fat, weight watchers, atkins, etc. — things that are passing phases). I see people treating clean eating like it’s this horrible, tasteless thing (like weight watchers low fat faux foods — gross). When in reality, clean eating is just eating the most whole foods you can find and there are so many different combinations and varieties to choose from. It’s not rocket science. If it has more than 10 ingredients, it’s probably not clean. If you can’t read an ingredient, it’s not clean.

I’m not on a diet. I eat a certain way because I feel good when I eat this way. Plain and simple. I pay attention to what my body feels like when I eat, and its reactions to different foods. The obvious example is the way you feel after eating or drinking caffeine. If it’s a good feeling, then keep ingesting caffeine. If it’s a bad feeling for you, then cut it out of your diet. This is how my body feels about processed unclean stuff — it does NOT like it. So I don’t eat it. The end.

And with regard to that little rant, I must address cheat days or cheat meals. I don’t believe in using the word “cheat” — it implies that you’re on a diet. If I want to eat something that doesn’t fall into my clean eating rules, then I ask myself two things: 1) Am I going to feel bad (not guilty, but sick feeling) after I eat it? And 2) have I been eating a lot of this kind of stuff lately, perpetuating the craving for fuel my body doesn’t need? If the answer to both is no, then I will probably eat whatever it is that’s in front of me.

Regarding diets, I don’t think that it makes sense for anybody to be on a crazy nutrition plan or diet — UNLESS it is for a short-term goal they want to achieve, like a figure competition, fitting into your skinny jeans for a high school reunion, etc. Just know that if you do a crazy diet or nutrition plan to achieve results that these results aren’t going to last if you go back to eating the way that you normally would eat.

And that concludes my ranty ramble for today.


fitness friday // talkless-saymore.com

So what about my fitness for this week?

Here’s the run down (pun intended). I’m giving you last week too because I’m pretty proud of it and I skipped last week.

Thursday (Thanksgiving): 6.4 mile run — hills — back home on my favorite route (minus the hill). My claim to fame back home is that Brad Paisley was in town for a concert and he couldn’t make it up this hill (he apparently runs before shows). I used to run this sucker every. single. day.

that fucking hill // lifeplusrunning.com

awesome thanksgiving run // lifeplusrunning.com

Did I mention it was almost 70° in Iowa on Thanksgiving?? BEAUTIFUL.

Black Friday: much needed rest day
Saturday: 7 mile run — hills on the same route as before — out in the country. I love this route SO MUCH — aside from aforementioned hill, that is. And it was much chillier than Thursday. Boo.

beautiful scenery // lifeplusrunnning.com

chilly 7 mile hilly run // lifeplusrunning.com

Sunday: rest day (travel)
Monday: unplanned rest day (lazy)
Tuesday: 45 min arc trainer/stair stepper + 25 min lifting
Wednesday: 25 min 5K — whoop! 8 minute mile, I’ve missed you. I’m hoping to get my 10K time down to an 8 min/mi pace, but I’m still workshopping my injury.

25 minute 5K // lifeplusrunning.com
Thursday: 45 min biking + 25 min lifting
Friday:  (planned) running … not sure how far.
Saturday: 7:30 AM hot yoga + 9:30 AM TRX bootcamp


Well that was a mouthful. What have you done to improve your health and wellness this week? And would you be willing to join the kitchen workout? 




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  1. The kitchen workout looks like a great idea! Everything is in line with what makes a healthy and well-balanced diet (as in “eating lifestyle”). 🙂

    Way to go on all that mileage! Wow! Keep it up.

  2. Nice jobe! Where are you doing a TRX bootcamp at?

    I am going to try, really, really hard to clean up my eating. Not sure if I’m ready to join the Kitchen Workout yet, though!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      They have one every saturday at the rec. I can’t remember what it costs to get a day pass, but it could be worth it (if it’s like $5 per class). It’s an hour and a half.

      I just cancelled yoga because yet again, they changed the class on me. I was signed up for hot yoga, and now it’s vinyasa flow. gross.

      1. That sucks! I’ve never done vinyasa but I don’t think I’d like it from what I’ve read.

        Might have to check that out. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting an ISU rec pass vs my gym one but I don’t know that I want to deal with all the students :S.

        1. chimes says: Reply

          It’s actually not that bad. The facilities are really great (they’re revamping Lied right now) and classes are included with the pass.

          The thing I’ve found that sucks is that they have weird hours over break, but it’s not AS bad as when I worked at Drake because we have a pretty decent international population here, so they keep stuff open.

          1. I’ve wondered about that. Weird hours make things hard for me since I’m never back in town until at least 6 every day.

            But, I will probably continue to think about it. :/

  3. OK, you run so frickin’ fast.

    Since I just complimented you, don’t hate me for saying that the kitchen workout is really how I already eat almost all of the time. I also don’t really believe in the word ‘diet’ unless you consider it as the way you eat every day…then I eat a mostly vegan diet.

    Also, I just realized Nutty Butter isn’treally ‘clean’ because of the butter extract and excessive ingredients. Oh well.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Yeah — i don’t hate you for saying that. The kitchen workout is how I eat most of the time anyway, but I’ve been hitting the sugar harder than I had realized (natural sugars, but still), and dining out a lot (geez my wallet could use a break!).

      I think I can fit Nutty Butter into my 20%.

      And agreed — I eat a gluten-free diet, and pescatarian with benefits.

  4. I love your rants. Maybe because I agree with you 97.5% of the time?? 😉

    Also, I totally look like that when I run in the cold. Awesome hoodie, thumbs up and all!! Can’t wait to run again…and it will be SOON!!

  5. I love you. The end. Kitchen workout, FTW! I love how you posted your own rules the other day. I’m linking to it new week… if that’s ok. 🙂

  6. 7 mile run?! YOU GO GIRL!

    P.S. I LOVED that FitKit sleep infograph and have been meaning to post it. 😉

  7. TRX workouts are killer! That’s awesome! and yes, i want to join in on Laura’s challenge but i asked for an exception. I want a glass of wine every other night. I don’t eat dessert so that counts, right?

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