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#fitnessfriday [7] The other (running) shoe just dropped.

This is totally unrelated to fitness, but I wanted to share this neat little mosaic I put together. I used to do the daily mugshot thing, and I quit because the camera didn’t work with my computer. But when I get a new haircut, or when I’m having a particularly good (or bad) hair day, I try to document it. Here’s November 2011 to November 2012.

I’m trying to grow my hair out right now. It’s hard. And I’ve just reached the  awkward stage. I’m debating on if I should continue to brush the right side forward, or let it fall to the side behind my ear. It doesn’t have any layers cut into it right now, so I can’t go curly. It just looks like Daria hair — not curly, not straight — just poofy and thick.

(for reference, this is what I mean by Daria hair)

daria poof hair

I’m also trying not to color it because I remember how hard it is to get it back to blonde, or a semblance of my natural color. But I’d love to go red again — and a different tone than I’ve done in the past. I’m thinking on it, but I really like my current (natural) color, and I think I’m just bored. Maybe I should just get a tattoo instead. 😉

And oddly enough, in looking at these again, I think my favorite cut of the year was my least favorite cut when I got it. It’s the one smack dab in the center.

hairvolution 2011-2012

As far as fitness Friday goes, This week’s theme is rest. I felt like crap most of the week, so I decided to take the entire week off. No walking or yoga even. I’d promised myself I’d do this from time to time, and since I didn’t work out at all the first few days of the week, I figured why not now?

fitness friday // talkless-saymore.com

In other news, I’ve finally discovered what I suspected was the culprit behind my recent injuries — you know, the sudden onslaught of ankle rolling coupled with the development of plantar fasciitis in BOTH of my feet? These are all thanks to an ill-fitting shoe for my feet and running style.

I got Saucony Mirages in early August, but the glow of the first run in them wore off quickly. They truly lived up to their name.

saucony mirages // august 7 run

I ran a few times in them before I started having heel pain. I’d had heel pain previously, but not for a while, until I got these shoes, so I just assumed it was because of the shoes I wore to work or something. But the pain got worse, and then I started rolling my ankles — something that hadn’t been an issue before (other than on rare occasions on long runs). Eventually, I sprained my right ankle. Though the ankle has gotten (mostly) better, I’m now susceptible to future sprains, and the plantar has been a bitch even with treatment, and lots, and LOTS of rest.

I’m even more upset about this because I didn’t randomly pick this shoe. I was fit by who I thought was a professional at a local running shop. I’d been fit once before and the shoe that they picked shaved more than a minute off my mile time, and helped me bounce back from an injury. I was hoping for the same.

Normally I do a bunch of research before making a purchase like this because, as I know, the wrong shoe can not only hurt your running time, but hurt your body. But since these guys are the professionals, I let them do the research. Next time I’m going to have them fit me, and then do more research on my own before making a purchase.

The fact that my feet are now totally jacked doesn’t make up for lack of blisters with these shoes, or the disappearance of other joint pain. Yes, these were better for those things, but far, far worse for me in general. I’ll never be able to run without ankle support (in both ankles) again.

I’m currently trying to work with the shop to see if I can return them. After all, I’ve only run about 25 miles in them (since I’ve been injured the ENTIRE TIME I’ve owned them).

I read about a couple of people who’ve used these shoes for walking. I get arch pain with them while walking, so that’s not really an option for me. The only option is to take them back or to try to sell them on E-Bay (or to a reader who actually is fit for these shoes).


Ever had a bad pair of shoes (running or not) that really jacked up your feet? 


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  1. Where did you get fitted? I was hoping to get fitted as well. I need a new pair. Though my Asics I have now rock, so maybe I should just buy a new pair of those…

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Fitness Sports. I’m going on Sunday because they’re actually going to take them back! They are amazing.

      Which asics do you have? I’ve been using the 2100 series for years and I loved them. But I thought it was time for a change for whatever reason.

      1. That’s great! That’s the place I had heard about, just wishful thinking there might be one closer.

        I have the 2160s. Love them! But I’ve heard getting fit is a good idea. I just don’t know!

  2. Angie Gudenkauf says: Reply

    I agree 100%! You have to be careful with purchasing your own running shoes. I have also had a bad experience with a pair of running shoes and they created more issues than they should have.
    I have high arches and I suffer from arch pain with most kinds of shoes. So I made sure I did a lot of research to purchase a pair of running shoes. Good running shoes can be expensive and I didn’t want to have buyer’s remorse. Based on my foot, the Asics Nimbus was the right fit. About 17 miles accumulated on them and I realize that something is just not right about them. Before you know it, I couldn’t run without 10 lbs. of moleskin on my feet. Back to the shoe store I went, buyer’s remorse began to set in.
    Since I didn’t make the right choice with my own research, I decided to go to a running store and as you stated, let them do the research (Running Wild). I had learned that I really wasn’t “made” for Asics. I have a wider foot and Asics were not made for people with wide feet. I did pick the right shoe for my arches, however so I did get something right. All of this is good to know, although not sure if it is all 100% correct?
    I ended up purchasing a pair of Saucony Triumph 9s. I have to say I was pleased but not overly impressed with what I ended up with. They aren’t a perfect fit and are NOT built for colder climates, but better than what I had…. and allowed me to run without 10 lbs. of moleskin.
    In summary, I think you are 100% correct; you should do your own research, as well as utilize an educated shoe salesman/woman. The combination of the two, will hopefully help me find my running shoe soulmates! LOL

    1. chimes says: Reply

      “running shoe solemates”. 😉

      Yeah — I ended up with New Balances again… not sure if I love them, but I think they’re what I need right now with my plantar.

      I didn’t know you were such a runner!

  3. I have yet to be professionally fitted, but I definitely need to be with the way I’ve been running. This makes me a bit nervous now, but our local running shop has a great reputation…so, once I get around to it, I hope to have good results!

    Sorry for the sucky sneakers, dude.

  4. Sorry about the shoes – major bummer! I first got fitted in Mizunos and honestly, they have been my favorite through and through for running. I love my Nike Frees for cross-training but distance running in them is too much for what my body needs. It’s crazy to me how the wrong shoe can really impact our bodies.

    But as for your week of fitness – REST is SO important, so good for you. When your body asks for it, deliver!

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