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Sweet Tunes Thursday: 10 Favorite Albums #3 — LCD Soundsystem “This Is Happening”

2010 was a good year for me, and it brought one of my favorite albums: “This is Happening” by LCD Soundsystem.


I listened to it on repeat most of the summer. And it got me through a rough patch with running after I smoked my half marathon record in April. It was, indeed, happening.

My favorite tracks are “Pow Pow” , “Dance Yrslf Clean”, and “You Wanted a Hit”.

I didn’t find any real music videos from this album, but what I did find is this hilarious video with people in panda costumes being rather obnoxious.


What’s your best memory from 2010?

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  1. and you just made me LOL! That video, oh my! i need to go look up these songs now. Am i missing out?

    1. Calee says: Reply

      You should be able to listen right in your browser. I embedded a spotify playlist. Just push play! 🙂

      Also … I forgot to mention that my favorite line from “drunk girls” is “Drunk girls know that love is an astronaut. It comes back but it’s never the same.” Makes me giggle every time (oh and, “Drunk girls wait an hour to pee.”).

  2. Excellent album. 🙂 I couldn’t dredge up any significant memories from 2010 so i consulted my blog. Not much to report. I got to see my cousins form Belgium in California, which was pretty cool. And i got my job at August Home. It was a good reminder to see how grateful i was for it, even if it’s never been exactly my dream job.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      YAY. Now I’m going to have to stalk your blog from 2010.

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