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My Best Work (2012)


If only. I didn’t end up on The Price Is Right but I did enter a bunch of my work into the HOW Design “Your Best Work” design awards competition. The winner receives a chance to be profiled in HOW’s 2013 Creativity issue.

Each entry is allowed 5 projects. This was my entry. Wish me luck!

Project 1: Nutty Butter 

Nutty Butter, LLC contacted chimesdesign to create their logo. The logo needed to reflect both the flavors of the nut butters and the personality of the owner. Knowing that Nutty Butter would have multitudes of future flavors, I created a versitile color palette.

The original packaging solution had a different colored / patterned label for each flavor. I wanted to keep the labels unique to each flavor, but make them work together within the identity. I created patterns from pieces of the logo, with the idea that each flavor would get its own color scheme for the pattern.

In the spirit of the packaging, I created one business card with several different versions of the back side.Normally I do not create back sides for business cards as I think they’re wasteful, but that solution was perfect for this brand.

chimes_HOWentry-1 nutty butter //

chimes_HOWentry-2 nutty butter //

chimes_HOWentry-3 nutty butter //

chimes_HOWentry-4 nutty butter //

chimes_HOWentry-5 nutty butter //

[thanks, Sarah, for the pictures!]

chimes_HOWentry-6 nutty butter //

Project 2: Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (ISU CALS) Playing Cards

ISU CALS needed a giveaway for the State FFA Convention in order to entice the high school students who attended to sign up for more information from the college.

Since the students at this event typically have free time between competition sessions, we decided that playing cards would be a good way to pass the time, while getting ISU CALS’s brand out to the students.

chimes_HOWentry-7 ISU CALS cards //

chimes_HOWentry-8 ISU CALS cards //

Project 3: The Lean Green Bean Blog Graphics

The Lean Green Bean contacted chimesdesign to update a couple of existing graphics on her blog to match her blog’s identity.

Her existing graphics didn’t work with her blog’s identity, so I created the new graphics to coordinate and to embody the spirit of her personality. The original Foodie Pen Pals graphic did not express the fact that the program was both a food and letter-writing program. The new graphic expresses both, with two options for the small badge because having the apple inside the stamp (as an “o”) was too hard to read at that small of a size, and we liked the apple and stamp options.

chimes_HOWentry-9 The Lean Green Bean Blog Graphics //

Project 4: Meg Turnis Wedding Suite

Meg Turnis needed a simple wedding invitation and program for an intimate wedding celebration. Her wedding was outdoors, and the decor reflected the personality of the bride, who really enjoys simple and natural things.

The final solution includes a copyright-free tree illustration from a Dover publication. I’d originally added a scientific definition of the tree, but removed it because it ruined the simplistic image that I had originally intended for the suite. Final print was black on a rustic recycled paper.

chimes_HOWentry-10 // meg turnis invite //

Project 5: Healthy Bites Logo

Healthy Bites contacted chimesdesign to revamp their original logo. The company makes small, allergen- free energy bites, but their original logo was an orange, which isn’t quite representative what the company makes.

I wanted to continue to build on the brand equity that Healthy Bites already had created, so I kept a similar shape, and color scheme. Since no single food is representative of the company’s edible creations, I decided on the simple circle shape with leaves to represent a heathy-looking food-like object.

Eventually, the identity will include patterns for packaging, labels, and business cards that will make these look like candy shoppe confections.

chimes_HOWentry-11 // healthy bites logo //

chimes_HOWentry-11 // healthy bites logo //

chimes_HOWentry-11 // healthy bites logo //


Have you ever been published before?

(I haven’t … and I’m crossing my fingers here — thanks to all my lovely blends who’ve allowed me to be supremely creative!)

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