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Sweet Tunes Thursday: 10 Favorite Albums #4 — Weezer (Blue)

My dad has an amazing record collection from his high school years. And my parents had an equally awesome CD collection from the dawn of the digital era.

One of the first albums they bought, besides R.E.M.’s Monster, was Weezer’s blue self-titled album. “My Name is Jonas” would blast on the stereo when dad got off work before my mom got home from work.

“Buddy Holly” was on a perpetual loop on MtV, back when MtV actually played music videos. My favorite part is the wink, which inspired my signature wink (because what’s the fun in just plain ol’ winking at someone?).

And I’d almost forgotten about this album altogether until my college years. A local band, Sweet Afton, covered “Say it Ain’t So” during Grandma Mojo’s Moonshine Revival, and it became my roommate Danielle’s and my anthem.

This album was played multiple times at Mark’s apartment long before we started dating. I distinctly remember him singing to it, and admiring the fact that he actively would sing to good music (it’s a quality I require in a man).


Do you like Weezer? What’s your favorite album?

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  1. This album is one of my all time favorites!!! I can listen to it beginning to end, and enjoy every song. Genius playlist.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      you’re welcome. It’s a good one! 🙂

  2. I love Weezer! More and more in common, I tell ya! I’m torn on a favorite though…Buddy Holly & My Name is Jonas are top. I also love Island in the Sun, though. I’m never good at picking favorites!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      haha … that’s it. we are going to have to get together. stat.

      do you craft at all?

      1. Agreed! I like to, but I don’t too often. Just not enough time. But I want to make time for it this year. I have a TON of fabric. Waiting to be sewn up!

  3. Verrrry nice! God, what a good album. And, ha, i remember Sweet Afton. 🙂

    1. chimes says: Reply

      they didn’t quite make it like the envy corps. 😉

  4. Fuckin love this cd. It will forever be in one of my top five cd’s ever (even though it came out when I was in HS, oi). Even though lesser known, Only in Dreams is one of my fave songs off of there.

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