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vomit-inducing weekend: Robin Scherbatsky’s Book of Secrets

It’s been a while since I’ve brought you a post from my super secret blog (Robin Scherbatsky’s Book of Secrets).

October reminds me of when Mark and I started dating, because, let’s be honest, we started dating before we really even realized it was happening. It was 2009. Things were going awesome.

mark and me being cute in 2009 // lifeplusrunning.com

In case you didn’t know, Mark was a friend of College Boyfriend’s (and mine). And whenever College Boyfriend didn’t want to fulfill a boyfriendly duty, such as going out for sushi, going to throwback proms, going out for a drink, etc., he would suggest that I call Mark. That worked out well for him, eh?

For the record, College Boyfriend dumped ME. Twice, actually, and I even mailed him breakup cookies and other baked goods in hopes of winning him back (yes I was pathetic). Mark didn’t swoop in and scoop me up. In fact, he was a great friend and was really supportive of me being single for a good long time … until I convinced him otherwise.


November 23, 2009

i don’t want the whole world to know how happy I am just yet, so I’m keeping this on my super secret blog. mainly because I don’t want to hurt College Boyfriend anymore than i already have (frankly, the bastard deserves it, but i’m too nice to be that vindictive).

So my weekend … was amazing.

I feel I need to keep stating this just so you know: I was happy before he came along. I really was. I wish I would have been alone for a while longer. I don’t know why I feel the need to prove to everybody that I can be without somebody and be happy, but dammit, I could NOT miss this window of opportunity we had. I would have regretted it my entire life.

For those who don’t know (which shouldn’t be anybody at this point), I’m definitely officially with Mark now.

We’re taking it slow, well, as slow as the things I usually rush into can go. We haven’t said “i love you” … we haven’t talked about marriage and kids or even a future together. We’re taking that day by day

Friday night Mark came down and wanted to make me dinner. Like, really? Really. Where did I ever find you?

We went to Gateway Market and he picked up some things to make a fabulous salad, some wine and some gelato. Fresh mozzarella, baby arugala, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes and a balsamic vineagrette. Delicious!

While he was making dinner, I put on some classic rock (because we’re nerds and like to sing to that kind of stuff). He came out and slow danced with me for a while (yeah, we totally slow danced to Smoke on the Water). I mean, the whole nine yards. He twirled me and dipped me and everything. In my living room with all my candles lit.

We ate dinner. Then decided to have a Marlon Brando night (did I mention he’s a huge movie buff? jackpot). We got most of the way through A Streetcar Named Desire before we called it a night. So much for the Godfather.

The next day I had Craft Saturday in Des Moines. I needed to be there at 10:30, so I made us french toast and let him know that I needed to get there and that he’d have to leave. But, to my surprise (why I’m so continually surprised by how awesome he is, I don’t know), he offered to come along and help me set up. He wanted to see what kind of stuff I do at these shows. So he helped me carry things in, set up my table and patiently watched while I found the absolute perfect spot for everything I was selling. He bought me some tea and got himself some coffee and we sat and drank our morning beverages while watching everybody else set up. I showed him some of my favorite things from my favorite local people and he was genuinely INTERESTED. For real. He likes things that I like.

I know, this shouldn’t be so exciting, but it is. I didn’t know I could find somebody that was so much like me. It blows my mind.

So he went home and I sat for 6 hours peddling my wares.

Then I packed up, went for a run, then went to Ames to meet him, his roommate and our friend Katie for some sushi. Another thing I love is that we like all the same things at restaurants, so I can order my first AND second choices and we end up sharing. Which I’m sure totally grosses people out from the cuteness, but oh well. I mean, we did that before we were dating (which now seems quite odd, but whatever).

I ended up falling asleep entirely too early, but woke up a bit later and we sat and watched The Tick with Katie and Matt. Mark fell asleep with his head in my lap. It was cute. Like, really adorable.

The next morning we decided to get up and clean their place (we had an epic weekend of drinking the week before, so there were like 3 or 4 cases of PBR and bottles strewn everywhere, as well as a ridiculous amount of pizza boxes). We finished that and decided to get stuff to make breakfast for ourselves and for Matt (Katie never stays with them). Bacon. Eggs. Blueberry muffins. Pumpernickel rye toast. Coffee and tea.

I made the muffins. Mark made the bacon and eggs. All the while we were helping each other out and watching the Vikings game (yes … vikings … barf).

We woke Matt up for breakfast (reallllly, it was brunch at that time. it was after 1 PM). He decided again that Mark and I getting together was probably the best idea anybody ever had. Mostly due to free breakfast, but hey, I’ll take it.

After brunch, we went to Brookside Park in Ames and went for a walk. We found a little trail off the paved path. t followed the river. We walked for a mile or so until it seemed to stop. We saw two deer where we stopped and watched them for a few minutes before heading back. It was cold, gross, and rainy, but it was great.

We got dinner at Panera (or Pantera) Bread and came home and watched the Bears game. It was a terrible game, but he spent the whole time trying to keep my hopes up and assuring me that maybe they wouldn’t lose this time (they did).

Anyway, I think that was it. I got home and we talked on the phone for another hour or so before going to bed (and WE talked, not just me. If you’ve ever been on the phone with me, you understand the importance of this).

Sooo yeah. *sigh* I never thought I would swoon over MARK … the guy I’ve been besties with for the past 4 years and tried to set up with everybody else. But wow. Seriously. I’m smitten.


Just reading that gives me butterflies.

What’s your favorite part of the beginning of a new relationship?

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  1. love that you slow danced. YOu two are adorable.

  2. What fun, that you can go back and read something like that! *gush* I love that “butterflies in your stomach” feeling at the beginning of a relationship. 🙂

  3. […] Edit: Mark reminded me about the time he had to work over Valentine’s day (like 3-4 days of 14+ hrs) and made up for it by surprising me with a wine / gelato tasting (though it made me think he was going to propose to me 3 years ago), and the fact that he is adorably cute.  […]

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