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Sweet Tunes Thursday: 10 Favorite Albums #5 — The Faint: Danse Macabre

Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes yesterday! I celebrated by taking the day off work and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Except run (not the 10 miles I usually do on my b-day when I take the day off) and go to yoga. And blog. And knit. And bake. Okay, so my “absolutely nothing” entails a lot more than most people’s …

This week’s album is from a band that  I’ve mentioned more than several times over the years: The Faint.

In fact, you might say I’m kind of a fanatic. I’ve listened to Danse Macabre more times than I can count. Sometimes on repeat for more than an hour on long runs.

If I were posting these albums in any particular order,  Danse Macabre would easily make the #1 or #2 spots. If you have time, take a listen.

I started listening to this album when I was hugely into heavy metal, but somehow this musical style fit for me. I really like electronic and dance music, which is probably why I’ve been into pop music lately because it’s gone a bit more electronic.

Our friend Drew introduced my college friends to The Faint. This album became our anthem (along with several Bloodhound Gang songs and Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” — for when the boys shotgunned beers, of course). I once listened to this album on repeat the entire way home from college for Thanksgiving (2.5 hour drive).

Danse Macabre is on pretty much all my playlists by default. Even Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” doesn’t contaminate as many playlists as these guys do.

I also realized that I’ve posted pretty much all these guys’s official videos at some point, so here’s a student-produced animation that goes nicely with “Your Retro Career Melted”.

Fun fact: I was listening to The Faint when I sprained my ankle. And — not even kidding — “Hospital” (not on this album) queued up and started playing (on shuffle) when I was limping back to get a ride to the ER. Take me to the H, take me to the O, take me to the S … take me to the hospital … #irony


What’s on your playlist? 

P.S. I have to mention that my friend Amanda’s boyfriend’s cousin is the keyboardist in this band. Totally random, but if you’re in the midwest you are probably related to somebody in a midwest band (and no, I’m not related nor do I know anybody from Slipknot, though I did embarrass myself in front of Joey Jordison once).

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  1. I have to admit I’ve never heard of this band. Another plank nailed against the tower that is Me Growing Old.

    Enjoyed the introduction. Will have to check out the whole album. Thanks.

    1. Yes — check that out and Fasciination. Are you on spotify?

      And no, it’s not you growing old. These guys are pretty regional, and my friend Drew that introduced us to these guys is a huge effing hipster and knows all these random bands. 🙂

  2. AUbry says: Reply

    I saw the faint play at Cat’s Cradle a few years back. Good show! I’ve kinda forgotten about them since moving out west. You have rekindled the love. thanks!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      glad to hear it! they are amazing. Fasciination is my 2nd fav album.

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