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I love reading trivia and silliness on other people’s blogs, so I snagged this quiz from my friend Lauren over at Oatmeal After Spinning so you can read my oddball answers.

Hope you are having a relaxing and fun weekend!


5 TV shows that I am really happy are back for the fall season available on instant streaming (Netflix or Amazon):

1. Doctor Who (we may have watched this a few times all the way through)

2. Daria (it’s on Amazon instant video)

3. Freaks and Geeks

4. Undeclared

5. Beverly Hills, 90210 (Amazon — only the first season though)


5 songs that I sing at the top of my lungs when I’m driving in the car alone (or with anybody else, honestly):

1. Possum Kingdom by The Toadies

2. Wannabe by Spice Girls (my go-to karaoke song!)

3. Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf (seriously I’m sad by how many people haven’t heard this song — I see Glee did it, so maybe people have heard it now …)

4. Black or White, or anything else by MJ for that matter

5. Ballroom Blitz by Sweet (though I never remember all the words, so this is especially entertaining)

(and special mention to #6, a staple of all sing-in-the-car songs — Bohemian Rhapsody)


5 things I’m looking forward to this month:

1. My birthday. It’s Wednesday. I’m accepting cash in lieu of gifts (Vitamix fund, c’mon guys). 😉

2. Seeing all my college friends that I haven’t seen in YEARS next weekend for a cabin/tailgating weekend get together.

3. Mark’s and my 3-year anniversary.

4. Running in crunchy fall leaves (though short distances)

5. The return of Sunday food prep day. It’s too hot in the summer to slave over the stove all day long for a week’s worth of food, but Mark and I love doing this when it gets cooler out. Freezer will soon be stocked.


5 culinary-ish things:

1. I’m making a pumpkin cookie of the month this month. Wish me luck!

2. I made an excellent pasta toss this week that I modified for my dietary needs and Mark’s. Steamed zucchini, tomato, onion, garlic, and spinach, then tossed mine with (unwashed — d’oh) quinoa and his with olive oil, whole wheat pasta, and some leftover steak.

3. I might bite the bullet and just freaking buy a Vitamix already. I want to juice so badly, I broke my blender last week (that makes 3 this year!), and our food processor is on its last leg.

4. 1 frozen banana + 1 T (fresh ground) peanut butter + 1 T cocoa = super dark chocolate faux ice cream

5. I’m making Tiramisu Pancakes today for brunch.


5 blogger friends that I can’t wait to meet in real life (and, um… haven’t yet):

1. Michelle from Eat, Move, Balance

2. Jenny from Frankly Fatso

3. Joanna (and Mike) from Midwestern Bite

4. Alex from Alex Tries it Out (this should be easy, we discovered each other on Friday and we’re both ISU graphic design grads living in Ames waiting for our beefs to graduate)

5. Jenn from Peas and Crayons

Some of my blogger friends I feel like I know just as well as my IRL friends. I’m pretty sure Jenn and I are soul mates (potentially a three way soul mate happening with Laura from sprint2thetable). And Joanna and Mike would make a super fun double date for Mark and me.


Name one of yours for each of these categories, if you dare.

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  1. Awww . . . you just made my day! We should have planned a meet up when you were in Chicago recently. That would have been awesome!

    How funny–the songs you listed–I totally agree with Possum Kingdom. Good call.

    You will never, ever regret buying a Vitamix. It’s one splurge of a purchase that I would still do all over again. I love it.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Love this. 🙂 [Especially the modifaction for TV shows available streaming…cable-free bloggers unite!]

  3. I hope we do get to meet soon! I daresay we probably haunt the same places in Ames…so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Also, I’m going to do this 5×5 thing today – I love trivia stuff like this, too – so check out my answers there!

  4. Awwww… we ARE soul mates!!!

  5. You will love juicing! I do it a few times a week. I use the Omega 350 vert! It’s awesome!

    I’ve been on a 90210 marathon. I bought all of the seasons last winter and watch em randomly. I’m up to season 7 now!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      EEEK. you should lend those out. I could swap you for Roseanne. 😉

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