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Sweet Tunes Thursday: 10 Favorite Albums #6 — Children of Bodom “Are You Dead Yet?”

Thank you for the overwhelming support and response to yesterday’s announcement of the #operationpantsfit campaign. I’m hoping that not only will MY pants fit again very soon, but that I can help others to make a healthy goal a reality in the process.

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Since #operationpantsfit is a group effort, I’m going to create a Motivation Monday Linkup party for those of you participating to share your progress/thoughts. So if you’re planning to blog along with me on this endeavor, save your posts for Monday, or at least remember to link up on Monday.

Also, I forgot to mention that I was featured in yesterday’s paper. Here’s a snippet.

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But, it wouldn’t be Thursday without some sweet tunes.

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This band has been featured on my blog more times than I can count (okay, so this makes 10), and this post still gets the most traffic daily.

In case you didn’t know, I rock out to metal. I’m a metalhead, a headbanger, whatever you want to call it. Some have scoffed at this because sometimes the lyrics can be a little offputting. But I don’t listen to the lyrics typically, and when I do, I make them mean something personal (and lots of times they’re actual meanings are something silly, or a commentary on society masked as “evil” lyrics).

Take this album, from Children of Bodom, for instance. The only song I really know any of the lyrics to is “Are You Dead Yet?” My mantra for a long time was the chorus of “Should I regret or ask myself, are you dead yet?”

I started really listening to this album right after I had to quit running due to an overuse injury in 2009. When I was able to start running again, I listened to metal because I was running in short bursts, and the pace of metal was faster than most of the stuff I usually listened to.

This album’s title track hit home for me. I wanted to give up so many times because I couldn’t run the way I used to. Instead, I challenged myself to see how fast I could go in the short distances that I could run. I ended up knocking nearly 2 minutes off my mile time, and I attribute a lot of that speed to this album. I would pop it on over lunch and see how many miles I could get in within a half hour (so really, we’re talking the first 6 tracks of this album).

Here’s the title track. Enjoy.


What motivates you? And what is on your workout playlist? 

PS I still need to make a GOOD graphic for this feature!

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  1. Not enough hair. Not enough eye liner. Not fast enough drumming.

    I’m much obliged ma’am. Much obliged.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Really? Not enough for you? It’s not glam metal … but …

      1. OK, maybe just enough. 🙂

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