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MIMM [17]: Blending up a Weekend + Christina’s First 5K

Happy Monday! My weekend was so jam-packed with stuff that I was actually glad that I got to sleep in this morning (read: 6:30 was sleeping in … yikes!).

Thanks again, Katie, for hosting another Marvelous in my Monday

Though I wasn’t at Fitbloggin‘ like most of my blogger peeps, I had a great weekend. In fact, I had an impromptu blend meetup with my friend Amanda, who was also not going to Fitbloggin’. We even created a hashtag and used it all weekend.

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I had way too many things going on last weekend, and it started off with 7:30 AM hot yoga at Ignite Yoga, where I finally learned how to appropriately do a downward-facing dog. I’m still working on it, but at least I don’t still have Natalie Dee‘s attitude about yoga (all the time anyway).

natalie dee isn't that good at yoga // nataliedee.com


And Saturday evening I was going to meet Amanda for dinner and then catch my friend Kelly and the rest of our friends for birthday drinks in Des Moines. I’ll tell you all about Saturday’s dinner on Wednesday, but I have to say that I unfortunately didn’t make it for drinks because I was running a race the next morning and wanted to get some sleep. I stopped by and said hello, and dropped off Kelly’s birthday present.

I’d signed up a month or so ago for the Capital Striders Capital Pursuit 10 Mile Race. The race was marvelous, and it could have gone terribly bad if I hadn’t made the most of it.

capital pursuit 30th anniversary // lifeplusrunning.com // image from capitalstriders.org


ran this race in 2008, and was hoping to shave off 20-30 minutes from my time. Amanda signed up to run it with me since she was training for a half marathon that day, this race was cheaper, and it would be more fun to run with a friend anyway.

But, as you know, I sprained my ankle. Instead of  being a pain in the ass about it, I switched from the 10-miler to the 5K and Amanda did the same. I enlisted my friend Christina, who recently caught the running bug, to do this 5K with us.

pre-capital pursuit race with my friend christina and amanda from semihealthyblog.com // lifeplusrunning.com

I felt good the whole time. My ankle came unwrapped somewhere between mile 1 and mile 2, so I stopped to wrap it up and ran to catch up with the other two. Christina stabbed herself with a safety pin when she was trying to take off her sweatshirt. Amanda came out unscathed, though she had forgotten her shoes AND shorts and was wearing borrowed gear she procured from me and her boyfriend.

Christina’s goal was to complete the 5K in 30 minutes or less. The final time according to our various run-keeping devices was 30:11. But we actually ran more like 3.6 miles so we crossed the finish line at 34 minutes. Obviously not my fastest time, but I was there to have fun, see a couple of friends, and see my friend complete her first 5K. SUCCESS!

post-capital pursuit race with my friend christina and amanda from semihealthyblog.com // lifeplusrunning.com

Running this race was also quite marvelous because I can cross something off my fall bucket list already. 😉


What did you do this weekend? Have you run a 5K before? 

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  1. I stumbled on your blog looking for people who were signing up for the Color Run… but I also did this race, and I totally remember you because of your awesome pink pants! Loving your posts.

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