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Sweet Tunes Thursday … on A Friday: 5 Favorite Albums — #5

Today marks my decline in blogging frequency. I promise you won’t hear chirping crickets when you click over.

But I’m not going to blog every day anymore. And I’m not going to do it like it’s my job. It’s not. I like writing. I like you. I like talking to and with you. But I don’t like feeling like it’s something I *have* to do. I think a few of my blends will echo this sentiment.

I’m currently en route to Chicago, and normally I’d have a slew of guest posts ready for you, or some stellar content pre-scheduled.

You know what? I don’t feel like doing that. Mostly because it bothers me that I won’t have time to engage in the discussion that these posts may spark. But also because I would rather spend my last few hours before hitting the road by making final preparations for Renegade Craft.

So less blogging. More doing. Ya dig it? I do.

Besides, if you really miss me, I have 4+ years of content on this blog. I also curated some of the best stuff into a top posts tab.

That being said, if you have any ideas for things you’d like to hear about, leave me a comment and I will try to write about some of those things.

Since I pay attention to my readers, I’ve decided to give you a few sweet tunes today, even though it’s not Thursday. This is the first of 5 posts covering some of my favorite albums. These albums are contrary to what my album chart on last.fm says my top 5 albums are, mostly because scrobbling was bonked in 2010/2011 causing numbers of plays to multiply by the hundreds, and more importantly because scrobbling didn’t exist in the 90’s.

I finally created a graphic for this feature, but I’m not 100% (or even 80%) in love with it. I want comic-book-esque, but the way to do that is NOT with photoshop filters — it’s by hand. Admittedly I I’m hiding the pixelization of a too-small photo with one of my go-to filter + adjustment jobs from 2007 (yay for “hardcore designer Calee“). Here’s my interim graphic. New and improved one to come.

sweet tunes thursday interim graphic // lifeplusrunning.com

First up is Smashing Pumpkins’ Meloncollie and the Infinite Sadness. I officially feel really old because this album was released in 1995. I got it as a gift from my friend Nikki. It wasn’t my birthday, but she saw it and knew how much I loved the Pumpkins, so she picked it up.

Coincidentally, I’d just gotten my first CD player in 1995. It was also an alarm clock, which could be set to play any CD track for an alarm. I woke up so many mornings to “Tonight, Tonight”.

I played “1979” on repeat ad nauseum. But, at the age of 13, my favorite track on the album was “Cupid De Locke”. They never created a music video for this song, and the live version was sans harp, so I’ve included this lovely “Vinyl Moment” I found on YouTube. It’s kind of hilarious (and of course I’m watching the rest of this guy’s stuff), but if you aren’t interested, skip to 2:19 where the song begins.

As an adult who fully appreciates shreddy and crunchy guitar riffs, my favorite track on Meloncollie is “Zero”.

the weirdest thing about this song is that I never can bring myself to sing “god is empty, just like me.” I’m not religious, but something about that line just always bothered me.

I haven’t listened to this album in a long while, but as I said, I’ve got a road trip happening, so this album made its way back to my iPod.


What are your favorite albums? And what did you listen to when you were in 7th grade?

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  1. One of my favorite albums is Weezer (blue cover from way back when), and I also enjoy some Bare Naked Ladies. 🙂

  2. Oh, be still my beating heart!! I love you, and i LOVE Mellon Collie. It will always be one of my top five, too, if not my #1. Excellent, excellent call.

    Fun fact: back before there were mp3s, i downloaded MIDIs of several of the songs on this album, including Cupid De Locke. 😀 I think my personal favorite might be Thirty Three. “And for a moment i lose myself, wrapped up in the pleasures of the world.” Even though it’s about Jesus. Go figure.

  3. I also got my first CD player in 1995 (I was 15). The first CD I bought at the same time was Stone Temple Pilot’s “Core”.

    Funny thing about the Pumpkins. I own all of their stuff. I like it OK. They’re the ONE band I keep playing and always say to myself, “I should like this more. Why don’t I?” I don’t say that with anyone else. Not sure why I try so hard. Weird.

    Favorite albums? I’ve spent a lot of time with a PBR in my hand over the past 15 years pondering that. Of course it’s always such a personal thing due to memories, timing, etc… not just pure musicality and genius. Here’s what’s usually holding the top spot though:

    1. Weezer – Pinkerton

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