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Humpday Blog Love: Sprint2theTable

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Meet Laura, the badass foodie and fitness guru behind sprint2thetable

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I met Laura at blend. I saw her sipping a Manhattan during cocktail hour, and knew we’d have a ton in common. Besides our love of good whisky drinks, it turns out that both of us share a love for ACV shots, creative food, and hardcore fitness.

laura from sprint2thetable, me, lauren from oatmeal after spinning, christine from oatmeal in my bowl // photo by lauren at

[ Laura, me, Lauren, and Christine (from Oatmeal in my Bowl) // photo from — ]

Laura is more badass than I could ever claim to be. Her roller derby alter-ego Layla Beatdown caused her to break her jaw in 2010. And apparently does things just to see if she can (boy, does that sound familiar … like running a marathon? no? okay). Now Laura’s training for a figure competition. In fact, bro-sephs around the gym know her as the heavy-lifting Tinkerbelle.

Take a look at her, and you can be sure that Laura has several more-than-rock-solid fitness routinesI’m currently working on a plank-a-day challenge, as inspired by this workout of Laura’s. Instead of doing 3x of each plank daily, as she recommends, I’m doing 1 of each daily to build up the duration of each plank. I’m up to 3 minutes (full plank) and 1:45 (side planks), and most of my full planks have been one-legged due to injury.

Did I mention she’s a foodie? Laura’s recipes are far beyond creative. I’ve been stalking her blog religiously lately because she’s been eating for figure training, meaning high protein, low fat, and low carb, which is how I try to eat anyway. Give this girl a challenge, and she delivers.

These are some of her recent creations that I’ve tried, and LOVED: // creations by laura hall: pb&peggs, carrot cake batter shake, chickless nuggets

Recipes: PB&PeggsCarrot Cake Batter ShakeChick-less Nuggets

And I’m currently drooling over these creations: // creations by laura hall: low fat peanut almond butter, tiramisu protein parfait, oatmeal cookie shake

Recipes: Low Fat Peanut Almond ButterTiramisu Protein ParfaitOatmeal Cookie Shake


Do you blog? Are there any blogs you read regularly?

And I gotta ask: Would you try peanut butter and peggs (or jeggs)? 

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  1. Oh Calee… I don’t even know what to say. I am so, so glad we met at Blend and were able to send so much time together. I am completely flattered by this post… you are quite the creative genius, so this is an even bigger compliment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lots of love, my pixie planking hero. 🙂

  2. wooooohooooo love you both!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      You’d love me more if I ever mailed out your peanut butter. Tomorrow. Sadly, I can’t find the maple stuff again. :/

  3. Kalie says: Reply

    I love laura and you!! 🙂

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Oh man! I love that your name is Kalie, but pronounced Kay-lee. And mine is Calee, but pronounced CAL-ee. How many times a day do you get called CAL-ee? I get called Kay-Lee a milllllion times a day.

      1. Kalie says: Reply

        I get called that all the time. Believe it or not my this day still calls my Cal-lee no matter how many times I correct her she wont say it right lol.

        1. chimes says: Reply

          ha. believe me. I believe you!! To make matters worse, my sister’s name is Coree, so I get called that a lot too.

          Side note, I’ll remember to not change my spelling to “Kalie” when I change my spelling. Planning on it at some point, just not until I get married b/c it’s apparently a real pain in the ass to change your name.

  4. Jaci says: Reply

    That’s it. I need to get my fitness and blogging together so I can go to the Blend retreat next year. I think I’d fall in love with these women…I mean this lovely lady had me at roller derby 🙂

    New goal. Set.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      YES. Iowa girls, FTW. That would be so much fun!

      And do tell me about derby. I was going to try out for derby, then realized I’m starting grad school in the spring, so it would be short-lived.

      1. I think grad school is the perfect time for derby. Weird schedules make for good derby girls. 🙂

        1. chimes says: Reply

          ha. grad school plus working full-time plus freelance design and crafting PLUS derby? It would be better if there was a league HERE and not 45 minutes away (that is actually the main issue).

          also, weird girls make the best derby girls. i’d be a derby queen.

  5. Duh, I love you both! And love Laura’s recipes. She just totally “gets it.”

    1. chimes says: Reply

      I know! I’m pretty much not ever making anything on my own again. Just stalking her blog. I’m actually having some more chickless nuggets for lunch today!

      1. You guys are making me blush. Can’t we all just live together??? Let’s start a commune!

  6. gah, yes, that’s it! she is a weightlifting tinkerbell. I love it! and i love her recipes. Hope to meet her someday too, with wine of course.

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