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Totally sad and sucky news.

I’ve had a post scheduled for a while about how I’m making an amazing return to running and am starting to love it again. It was about how I like to run in crappy weather, when nobody else wants to go, and just generally during the worst conditions. Because I’m that crazy runner girl.

This time I’m not. And now that post is going to be tabled for the next 6-12 weeks …

… which totally blows because I was really looking forward to making a comeback and running the Capital Strider’s 10 Mile Race with Amanda, the Semi Health Nut (although, now I can focus more on making her experience at the chimes b&b more fun).

What happened?

This: I was out on my 5-mile run on Thursday and hit a patch of uneven sidewalk. I’ve run this route so many times in the past 10 years, that I probably just wasn’t paying as much attention as I needed to be. I rolled my ankle, heard a snap, crackle, and pop, and knew that I couldn’t keep going.

I’ve rolled my ankles tons of times this way, but not as hard as this time.

I even run in the winter (my favorite time to run), but have never once fallen on the ice. However, take one look at the scars on my knees and you can tell how many times I’ve eaten gravel, asphalt, dirt, or cement.

Now, if I was still in my early 20s, at the peak of my love affair with running, I would have kept going, likely hitting 10 miles Thursday instead of the 5 that I’d planned. Now, I’m a responsible adult and have gotten over my over-doing-it phase. So, instead, I laid down on the ground hoping that somebody would be nice enough to ask if I needed help.

I’m in Iowa. We’re nice. I’m next to a college campus. But nobody stopped to help.

So I hobbled back to the gym, took the elavator upstairs to get my gym bag, and called Mark, who came to my rescue. I thought about going home and icing it … because it couldn’t be that bad, could it? But instead I went to the ER.

I wish there were photos of this. I’m apparently a shitty blogger for not thinking to photograph every moment of this event … But I do have a photo of me waiting for Mark to whisk me away to the emergency room. Woo.

bloody knee and sprained ankle //

Mark carried me from his car to the ER. He held my hand, my purse, and my smelly shoe (in different hands of course, did I ever tell you Mark has three hands? Kidding. But he’s my hero).

I got x-rays, and was initially relieved to hear that I didn’t break anything and that I just had a sprained ankle — until the nurse said that sprains take longer to heal and that this could potentially be permanent.

Two days ago I was freaking out and wondering how the hell I would get all my mileage/workouts in and still be able to craft all the creations I want to sell at Renegade Craft in Chicago in two weeks (I seriously hope I’m not still on crutches).

Today? I’m sad because I’m stuck inside working on craft stuff and it’s beautiful outside and I would rather be running.

UGH. 🙁

And even more sucky? I literally (yes literally — as in out loud) told myself that “This is fun again!” on my run on Thursday. I was having fun. I had finally gotten past the point of training from square zero where running sucks and you are just trying to build mileage. I had gotten to the point where I could go out at any given time and run 5 miles just for fun (I know this sounds like a foreign concept to most of you … but seriously, I love it when I can do this).


I’m going to be mopey now. But I’ll try not to let it affect my blog content too much. You’re going to be hearing a LOT about crafting in the next few weeks, but I’ll keep you updated on my recovery, any workouts I can do (as reference for those going through similar issues), and of course I’ll keep sharing recipes, cuz a girl’s gotta eat!


Ever been injured? Have an interesting ER story?


PS: Even though I’m not having fun, you can still have fun by entering to win my giveaways — blog graphic by chimesdesignHealthy BitesNutty Butter, AND Lululemon / Zero Scale.

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  1. Jenny says: Reply

    Oooh, shitty. I hope it’s not too terrible for you. Ice and elevation really help. I mean, I know everyone says that, but I’m kind of an authority on ankle injuries. Even if you don’t feel like it needs it, it does.

    Also, I’ve never heard of the Graston Technique but I just Googled it and am intrigued so please tell me all about it if they go that route! Good luck and happy healing!

  2. Oh no…I hope that you’re able to fully recover from this. I’m the same as you when in that I can run on ice/snow just fine, but I don’t seem to like staying upright on pavement, gravel, and cement. Yay us

  3. Oh man! 🙁 One of my good friends (who I also coach) did the same thing last year about a month before her first marathon – absolutely sucks. And hard to prevent! Chin up girl!

  4. I am SO sorry to hear this!!! I have not been injured…but then again, I’m a newbie runner. I am trying to be careful though (your guest post on how NOT to train actually helped me a whole lot :)).

  5. I totally know what you mean about getting excited about running and then friggin hurting yourself! I went through that last summer and it was also paired with not being able to work…so I felt UBER lazy and depressed most of the summer.

    It’s good you have your blog and crafts! And I’m so excited to hang out with you!! Still trying to convince the BF, but I’m coming either way! <3 <3

    1. chimes says: Reply

      UGH. I know. 🙁 I thought it was slightly coincidental that we’d signed up to do a race together and this happened. I think your bad luck wore off on me. 😉

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