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I got seduced [ the faint recap ]

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun at a show. I can’t remember ever enjoying dancing (or moshing) while smooshed up against other sweaty bodies.

And unless Michael Jackson makes his way back from the dead for an epic Thriller-esque zombie comeback tour, I’ll never see another show where the beginning of each song has me screaming, “OMIGODTHISISMYFAVORITESONGEVER!”

The Faint’s performance brought me back to a place I’ve not been for a long time. Where music floods my soul and simply fuels me. I’ve not been this energized for such a long time. I missed this so badly and have spent so many shows trying to recreate this magical feeling I had in my early twenties.

Shows just aren’t the same anymore. People bring cell phones and cameras and spend the whole show trying to capture it so they never forget the moment. But if you don’t live the moment in the first place, how can you remember it?

But last night? Omaha certainly brought it: The Faint — and 80% of the crowd.

We were there to see The Faint and be immersed in their music. To have fun. To be in the moment.

Around the end of the show I caved and snapped a couple of shots, while explaining to my newfound friends from Omaha, “GUYS. I’m a blogger. It’s for the blog.”

Truth be told, it was 100% for the blog.

But these few shots perfectly capture the energy from last night. No photoshopping (other than adding my watermark and adjusting the levels like I do with every other photo) — just music.

the faint in des moines at wooly's // lifeplusrunning.com

the faint in des moines at wooly's // lifeplusrunning.com

the faint in des moines at wooly's // lifeplusrunning.com

the faint in des moines at wooly's // lifeplusrunning.com

There’s something intriguing about motion photography and concerts. I used to photograph my friends’ bands and purposely turn the shutter speed on low to get as much color, light, and motion in the shot as possible. I turned off the flash on my point-and-shoot camera to capture these, hoping for the same effect. My little cheap-o camera did just as nice of a job as my big DSLR-wannabe camera did back in my photography/music heyday in 2007.

mark shredding photo from 2007 // lifeplusrunning.com

[ from 2007. coincidentally this friend of mine was supposed to go to the show with me last night and couldn’t make it.]


Been to any good shows lately? Do you like live music? 


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  1. Love the wild pictures 🙂

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