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this or that + guest post on HLB

I totally spaced yesterday and forgot to share that I was the featured blogger for Thursday Blog Tips on Healthy Living Blogs. I talk about design tips for better blog graphics, which I’ve already talked about here. But if you’ve not read it yet, head over.

A commenter on the HLB guest post reminded me that design highly affects the colorblind. So those images with all sorts of crazy colored fonts are not only hard for most people to read, they’re nearly impossible for colorblind people to read. I might talk to her more and do some research about colorblindness to do a followup design tip post.

Since it’s almost the weekend, how about a fun little survey post? Everybody else is doing it, so I thought I’d join in on the fun. I’ve seen this at so many other blogs. Please let me know if YOU originated it so I can credit you!

What do you love more?

1. Strength training or cardio?

strength training is da bomb //
I used to be the cardio queen, but I started strength training last fall, and I’m seriously hating cardio now. Strength training all the way.

2. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
BFD. Not “big frickin’ deal”. But breakfast for dinner. I’ve been rockin’ Laura’s PB&Peggs all week (obsessed … and Heather, I’m officially stealing her away from you). And any meal that I can add bacon too is clearly a winner.

3. Dress up or workout clothes?

dress up clothes — sequin dress from express //
This one is tough for me. Obviously workout clothes are more comfortable, but I do love dressing up. I would rather look good than be frumpy — but I gotta be comfy, so cute workout clothes AND dress clothes (how is THAT for a copout?).

giant earrings + dress up clothes //
But you can’t rock giant earrings with workout clothes (and if you do that at the gym, I might have to smack you), so I’m going to say dress up clothes.

4. Wine or beer?
double fisting beers at avery brewing in CO at blend retreat //
I think this photo makes my choice quite evident. I’ve been gluten free for more than a year, but I typically make an exception for beer. I just avoid wheat beers. It takes a good amount of gluten to make me sick, so if I’m having a drink or two, beer is my choice. However, I am a big fan of cabernet and chardonnay.

5. Peanut butter or almond butter?
Peanut butter all the way. I love *all* nut butters, especially those Nutty Butters created by Miss Smart (holy crap she just released birthday cake nutty butter today !!! and is giving some away), but almonds sometimes make my tummy ache, and peanut butter is classic.

6. Heels or flats?
Definitely flats. I used to wear flatform shoes in high school, earning me the nickname of Crackwhore Spice (from some bullies a few years older than me). But once I started running, I quit wearing heels most of the time because I didn’t need my calves engaged all day long. Plus, I have a standing desk. Standing in heels all day does NOT sound appealing.

7. The actual cake or the frosting?
Frosting. Frosting. Did somebody say frosting? Forget the fact that I can’t eat most cake. My frosting love goes far back to my childhood. I told Janetha the other day (she did this survey too) that my dad’s side of the family has drop down drag out fights over the leftover bits on the edge of cakes. I’m only partially kidding.

8. Spring, summer, fall, or winter?
Have you been to Iowa in the winter? No? Well don’t come here. My favorite seasons are summer and fall. I love love love hot weather, as long as I have somewhere cool to take shelter once I’m done putzing around outside. Fall is beautiful and it reminds me of when Mark and I started dating (almost 3 years ago now!), which is obviously a great memory …

me licking mark //

9. Real animal or stuffed animal?

barney stinson gets a haircut //
Real! Have you met my mini doxie, Barnabus Stinson, II (Barney)? He just got his hair cut a couple days ago, so though he’s a long-haired weiner, he looks like a smoothie.

10. Bright or light?
Bright. You’re on my blog. You know the answer to that question.


This or that? Answer one of these questions for me! 🙂 Happy almost-weekend!

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  1. Love this survey too – saving it for another week. 🙂 I like frosting better than cake, it’s gotta be a REALLY good cake for me to really enjoy cake anyway.

  2. I’m so pumped you like the PB & Jeggs. I want to see this if you do it with bacon. I bet apple + bacon would rock.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      ooh … apple + bacon would rule. I’ve just been doing turkey bacon on the side. maybe I’ll toss it in. Obviously I’m doing a repeat this evening. Because I can’t get enough. And I tend to beat something to death once I find something I like.

  3. There are so many comments i want to make. For starters, this survey reminds me of those fun email forwards from, like, middle school. Second, eggs with fruit?! And is the PB part peanut butter? So, peanut butter, eggs and fruit. That sounds so gross, even though i’m sure it’s not as bad as it sounds, haha. 🙂

    ME: Strength, dinner, dress-up, beer, PB, heels, cake, fall, real animals and i don’t know what to choose between bright and light. But you probably knew all of that.

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