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Summer Bucket List: Pizza + Progress

july 24 summer 2012 bucket list progress

Last weekend I crossed off several of my summer bucket list items. We grilled pizza — well, Mark grilled pizza, I completed 3.5 of 5 WIPs — and one is so big that I think it should count for all 5, and I finally finished Star Wars (and the Indiana Jones series, because I couldn’t get enough young Harrison Ford).

I also just realized that the shorts I want to replace mine with have gone on sale. I have 1 pair of good shorts, and I threw out most of the rest of my old ones over the weekend. After this post goes live, you can assume that I’ve purchased several pairs of the shorts I want

Anyway, ready for pizza porn? I know I am. We finished off the last couple of slices of these beauties last night, and I already want to make more. Who knew that grilling ‘za was so easy? We didn’t look up how to do it. We just winged it. My pizza crust is pre-baked, and Mark put his on a skillet for a bit before putting on the grill, since we were putting directly on the grates.

Mark topped his pizza with Italian sausage, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, mozzarella infused with garlic, and asiago. His crust is perfect, but he can’t give me a recipe to share because he adjusts it every time to be even more perfect. Number one reason why I’m sad I can’t eat gluten? I miss his perfect crusts.

mark's grilled pizza assembly

I used an Udi’s Gluten Free crust, which are quite delectable, even though they’re not Mark’s perfect crusts. My pie had fresh tomatoes (unfortunately not from our mini garden), fresh basil (from the garden), goat cheese, and a bit of garlic mozz.

my grilled pizza // life plus running

We grilled at a lower temp, directly on the grates, for about 25 minutes for his and 10 for mine. Next time we’re going to put our pizza stone on the grill, crank up the heat, and see what happens.

mark's pizza on the grill before and after // life plus running

Mark’s pizza wasn’t very pretty, but it tasted good (I stole a bunch of his toppings). My pizza turned out slightly pornographic. Even on instagram. Check it (no filter).

instagrammed grilled pizza // life plus running

Besides grilling pizza and the other items I marked off this weekend, I have a bunch more bucket list items that are almost ready to go:

  • #5: Getting a kombucha kit. Today.
  • #8: Two more books left.
  • #7 and #19: If I accomplish #7 by August 17, I’m doing #19.
  • #9 and #14: I’ve been doing, but not regularly. Barney needs a haircut so I can walk him in the heat without feeling like an abuser.
  • #10, #11, and #13: We are cleaning/purging this weekend (I started last weekend), which hopefully leads to #11 and #13.
  • #16: I’m 11 miles shy of July’s goal.
  • #22: 3.5 of 5 WIPs finished.
  • #25: Scheduled for this weekend since I finally hit my goal weight that I set in order to get one. Also getting one in the near future with my friend Steph.
  • #26: I’ve tried 8 of 10 new restaurants. Technically 9 if you count the dive diner on the way back from Cabrewing. I don’t.
  • #27: Honest2Blog thing didn’t take off like I’d hoped, so this is questionable.

As far as the last two things on the list, I’m going to be brutally honest: They aren’t going to happen this summer.

  • #18: I’m going to put LiveFit Phase 3 away for now and come back to it later. I’m working on upping my running mileage and I’m in love with theTRX class I take on T/Th/Sa. LiveFit just isn’t in the cards right now, but it will be there if TRX classes are at a weird time next semester, since I’m subject to the university’s scheduling.
  • #22: Last summer at this time I was running 5 miles in 38-40 minutes quite regularly. Now I’m running lower mileage and I’m clocking in at about 43-45 minutes for 5 miles. However, I want to do this. And I can do it — just not by the end of the summer. For now, I’m working on upping my mileage, PRing my 10K, and then will start speedwork once it cools down. I hope to blast out a super-fast 5-miler by my birthday, October 10.


Have you ever grilled pizza? Do you set goals and revisit them? 


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  1. kim says: Reply

    we actually made our own kombucha at home. you can make a scobi (sp?) using a bottle of kombucha! i’ll let you know how it tastes. the pizza looks delicious!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Oh really? That’s a good idea. I buy a ‘bucha at least once a week. I should snag some scoby.

  2. Mmm! What are the things in the lower-left of the first photo composite? Is that the sausage? Looks yummy, whatever it is!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Oooh — yes, i totally forgot to mention that Mark is incredibly anal about his sausage. He pre-cooks it but only enough to make sure it’s completely cooked through once the pizza is done. He’s done raw sausage before putting in the oven before.

  3. P.S. Since you’re brewing kombucha, i should try making yogurt…

    1. chimes says: Reply

      I ended up getting a new bag of Fitmixer protein instead today. However, I’m going to give what Kim said a try — steal scoby from pre-existing kombucha.

  4. Pizza looks amazing and great job on your bucket list. You will have to tell me about how your kombucha turns out 🙂

  5. when you do livefit, let me know. maybe i’ll do it with you. and yea for kombucha kit!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      I will! Hopefully you’ll be able to do it when I do it again. I’m only re-doing phase 3. So if you want to start on phase 1 and 2 when you’re ready, tap me when you’re on phase 3 and I’ll do it with you. 🙂

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