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I survived Cabrewing 2012.

Barely. But I looked cute while doing it.

Cabrewing is a yearly camping and canoeing trip that our college friends have been doing for the past 6 years. This is the first year I went. Mark is a 3 year veteran. I say veteran because this trip is intense.

I’m an expert canoe-er. I worked at a canoe rental for 4 summers and went down the Maquoketa river nearly every other weekend during those summers. However, I never attempted to paddle down the river while drinking — and as you can tell by the name of our float, that’s exactly what we were doing.

Here’s what I learned about cabrewing — some of these things I learned AS I was going down the river:

  1. Somebody has gone to the hospital every year, leading to the t-shirt that I designed for this year’s trip. Nobody went this year, but of all people, *I* was the closest to going (note: as far as I know, and it was not alcohol related — I’ll explain).
    cabrewing t-shirt
  2. 300 Jell-o shots is not enough for our crowd (there were about 30 of us) — especially when most every sand bar is dubbed “Jell-o Shot Island”.
  3. A 5-mile float down the river can and will take 8 hours or more.
  4. It is really hard to get sand out of the toes of Vibrams, or out of any other crevice for that matter.
  5. No matter how drunk I get, I cannot pee in the water. Not even when another drunk friend is holding my hand and counting to three.
  6. Bonus: You will likely get a nickname on this trip, especially if you wear ridiculous shorts. Meet bro shorts and jorts (Jorts’s real name is Ben who I actually got most of these photos from since he was smart enough to bring a waterproof camera).

This year’s trip was at Chimney Rock in Cresco, IA . We camped Friday night, floated Saturday, camped Saturday night, and the elite cabrewers floated again on Sunday. Mark and I couldn’t rally a second day so we went home instead.

So how was I the one that almost ended up in the hospital this year? Low blood pressure + sleeping on the ground = half my body fell asleep = I had a massive panic attack and my blood pressure bottomed out. Fortunately our friend’s wife, Megan,  is a nurse and was able to figure out how to deal with the situation like a pro. Thus, no hospital trips were taken this year.


Do you have a group of friends (or family) that gets together annually? And do you think you could survive this trip? 

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  1. Sheesh sorry you had a rough night! Looks like you had some fun too though. 😉

    Also, love the dude’s short-shorts. Jorts lol.

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