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something sweet: Robin Scherbatsky’s Book of Secrets

February 19, 2011: Something Sweet

I went out to Baru 66 with Adria last night (which was flipping amazing, and if ever any of you wants to spend $30-50 a meal for a special occasion, you should go there) and I called Mark on my way home to see what he was up to because he said he was going to hang out with Ben (his friend from work).

He said he was picking up some dinner at HyVee and that they hadn’t decided what they were doing yet. I asked if he wanted me to stop by and see him or if I should just go home. He said to just go home and that he’d call when they figured stuff out. I said that if I went home that I’d probably end up sleeping so maybe I should just stop by and say hi before going home. He said, “No, trust me, you should go home first.”

Well, that’s odd. What was he up to?

So I got off the phone and kept driving home. Then he called me about 10 minutes later to ask where I was. I said I was on my way home. That was really odd. He was up to something. But what? I had thought flowers at first, but why would he need to know when I was getting home for that?

Then I started getting really nervous. He wasn’t going to ask me to marry him, was he? No. He couldn’t be. We just talked about it. But we did just talk about wanting kids this week and he thought that was a big step for me.

So then I got really nervous. And in my mind I started pulling a Robin Scherbatsky (not the clip i was thinking of, but you get the picture). Not because I wouldn’t say yes, but because we just talked about it and I wasn’t ready for it yesterday. And it’s something I’ve been waiting for my whole life and when that moment comes, it’s really nerve-wracking.

Anyway — suffice to say, it was not an engagement ring he was surprising me with.

I got home and noticed his car wasn’t parked out front, but the light was on upstairs — very dimly (he was sneaky).

I got to the top of the stairs and there was a note on the door saying, “A sweet surprise awaits you upstairs …”

love note something sweet awaits you upstairs

So I went upstairs and Mark was waiting there with my Christmas tree lit (yes, I did not take it down because we didn’t get to enjoy it very much and we both like it) and a candle burning. He had 2 bottles of wine and 2 dishes of gelato. He picked a good cabernet (my favorite) and a port (our favorite) and had gotten some gelato to complement. He got chocolate to go with the port (no-brainer) and the italian wedding cake flavor (which has a name but is escaping me) to go with the cabernet.

It was adorable and thoughtful and more romantic than a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates or a piece of jewelry … except I still would like some jewelry. Not specifically the big piece of jewelry. But that would be nice. 🙂


Have you ever mistaken something your significant other has done to surprise you as “the big moment”?

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  1. What a sweetie!

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