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Celebrate national ice cream month with me …

… by giving up ice cream (EDIT: and ALL ice cream-like creations) for a month.

pile of ice cream with scribbles and 'just say no" written on it

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Wait, what? That’s preposterous.

Hold up. Hear me out.

When I heard that July is national ice cream month, I started making a beeline for the nearest chain fro-yo shop (Orange Leaf).

But then I stopped to think. I eat more than my share of frozen yogurt and ice cream. In fact, I eat so much of it that my weekly budget for frozen treats averages about $15 (yikes!). Here’s a small sampling of the last month’s selections as documented by Instagram.

embarrassing sampling of my frozen treats from the past month as archived on instagram

Dessert should be a special-occasion item. But I’m eating ice cream and fro yo all the time. What gives?

Good question! Every day is not a special occasion, but I’ve developed a slight addiction.

Why give it up now during the holiest of high ice cream holidays? I’m competitive (what, you didn’t know that?). I like a challenge.

Summer is when the rest of the free world regularly consumes ice cream. If I can learn to say no when OTHERS are tempting me, I can learn to say no to myself (and no, not all the time, but I definitely don’t need to spend $15 a week in the future).

But most importantly, I hope that my July ice cream ban has a positive effect on my eating habits. Other times I’ve given up specific foods (soda in high school, meat in college), I found new and healthier alternatives (tea, and a plethora of high-protein veggie options) and when the ban was lifted, I consumed said banned items with less frequency — and without added discipline. I don’t drink soda anymore except with mixed drinks, and I don’t drink those every day (but wouldn’t it be fun if I did?). It’s just not something that appeals to me. And meat is not a necessity to me. My hope is I can make ice cream go back into the special occasion treat category where it belongs*.

My wallet and waistline will benefit from a different kind of celebration in honor of National Ice Cream Month: Let EVERYONE ELSE have their chance at frozen yogurt and ice cream. I swear I’m depleting the supply!

Don’t worry. I have a few frozen yogurt recipes in the queue. My taste tester (Mark) will have to vouch for their deliciousness.

*Also, no judgement on anybody’s food choices. I promote healthy eating/living here, but lots of people drink soda regularly. Many people eat meat at every meal. I could have given up anything from ketchup to popcorn and I would likely consume said given-up-food with less frequency. It’s just the way it works: Your body craves what you feed it!


Want to take the plunge and join me? C’mon. It’ll be fun. I swear. 

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