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WIAW: Beantown Edition

In case you forgot, I spent all of last week in the great town of Boston. I say town because I walked pretty much everywhere, most people I ran into were friendly, and by Monday when I left, I pretty much knew my way around.

I’m late to the party today! Be sure to visit Peas and Crayons for the full #WIAW link party. I didn’t follow the sensible snacking theme this week, so I made my own graphic.

what i ate wednesday wiaw boston edition graphic

No I didn’t eat any beans. And yes, I’m sure everybody in Boston hates it being called Beantown … but I thought it’d be a cute #WIAW title.

I did, however, find a to-die-for gluten free pizza, a cider that’s almost as good as beer AND several frozen yogurt locations — but mostly spent a good amount of time in the North End (the Italian district … influenced by my Italian boy, who sadly wasn’t on this trip with me).

The first night in town I had Tex Mex with my friend Niki and was so hungry that I didn’t even think to pull out my camera — I know. Odd. I also was jonesin’ so hard for fro yo that I ran 4 miles (round trip) to get some before the place closed. Obviously I was in too big of a hurry for a camera.

The second night I was in Boston I walked up and down Hanover Street before finally settling on a place for dinner. I knew going to the North End might result in no gluten free options and a major price tag, but I thought it was worth a peek.

I found this great place called Dolce Vita and  upon entering I was greeted by an adorable man who was slightly disappointed that I was dining alone. The wait staff treated me like royalty and let me sit wherever I wanted. I had a smoked salmon arugula salad with capers, prosciutto with melon and a limoncello martini. Everything was beyond amazing  and I spent the better part of my trip dreaming of that limoncello martini.

what i ate wednesday la dolce vita graphic with limoncello martini salmon capers arugula salad and melon prociutto

Fueled by a limoncello buzz, I managed to stop into Modern Pastry, thanks to a tip from Niki who said to skip Mike’s. I decided that one gluten-filled cannoli probably wasn’t going to shock my system, and if it did, it would be totally worth it. So I got a ricotta-filled chocolate-covered cannoli and a side of hazelnut, pistachio and chocolate gelato, which, as you may notice, was good to the last drop.

what i ate wednesday la dolce vita graphic with limoncello martini salmon capers arugula salad and melon prociutto

The HOW Design Conference I was attending was at the Hynes Convention Center on Boylston, so there were tons of interesting places to eat in the neighborhood. I was feeling the ethnic food, and happened upon a place called Pho Basil — a Thai / Vietnamese fusion restaurant that served Pho. I’m always on the lookout for a tasty bowl of pho, so I ordered some Pho Ga (chicken pho).

On the way back to the conference I stopped at Pinkberry for some frozen yogurt. I hadn’t been to a Pinkberry before and was kind of disappointed that they didn’t do self-serve. But then I realized that it’s probably a good idea not to give me a self-serve option for frozen treats.

what i ate wednesday pho basil pho ga pinkberry yogurt

That evening I was feeling like a good salad giant bowl of fries and some Irish cider. Magners — seriously, I love you! I am looking for some of this stuff in Iowa, but it’s basically like a cider that tastes like a beer (read GLUTEN FREE!). It’s rather tasty. I found what I was looking for across the street from my hotel at The Times. I got a spinach, beet, pistachio and feta salad, a pint of Magners and a side of fries. I might have poked at the salad a bit before diving into the fries. We don’t need to go into details here.

what i ate wednesday the times collage with magners cider french fries and a spinach beet pistachio feta salad

During our Sunday conference lunch break I discovered that there was a gluten-free pizza option at a restaurant a few blocks away. Apparently Papa Razzi (yes, I know, cheeeeeeeeesetastic name) makes their food from scratch in a separate kitchen for GF options. And I’ve wanted pizza for SO LONG. So I got a margherita pie. The crust? TASTED LIKE PIZZA CRUST. Not gluten-free pizza crust. Totally stoked! And I got a dessert that consisted of cinnamon baked fruit and a scoop of gelato.

what i ate wednesday papa razzi gluten free pizza gelato fruit dessert

My last meal in Boston was back in the North End at Dolce Vita. I went back searching for a different place to eat but I couldn’t get that limoncello martini out of my head. I got spada pesca and of course the limoncello martini. The wait staff acted supremely thrilled to see me return and I may or may not have left the waiter my card. No worries for my Italian boy. I just wanted them to know how much I loved their restaurant!

what i ate wednesday dolce vita limoncello martini pesca spada


Do you eat alone at restaurants? Have you been to Boston before?


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  1. Simone says: Reply

    awesome! sounds like you found some great places. I’m laughing because I haven’t heard of most of these places (I live in the suburbs now). But I’m happy to hear about the GF menu at Papa Razzi – hysterical that the news came from 1500 miles away!

  2. Yaaay, no filters! Thank you! 😀 Now, that is some tasty-looking food!

    1. that’s what you think! 😉 Actually some of these were taken on my camera, which saves the non-instagrammed stuff. A lot of these ended up on Instagram, BUT I enabled dropbox on my phone, so now it syncs my pix with dropbox so I have an easier way of getting at them other than stalking myself on instagram!

  3. Pretty sure you can find strongbow in Iowa. I know I used to buy it at the gateway market in DSM. Most liquor stores will order stuff for you as well.

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