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Design Week Humpday Blog Love \\ inspiring design blogs

Design week’s humpday blog love is brought to you by Google Reader. I follow more than 300 blogs. Close to 400. Some of them I follow religiously. The taxonomy of my google reader is a different story for a different day, but these are some of the design blogs on which I’m continually finding inspiration.

Also, if you’re reading this, I’m currently in transit, meaning I put on my big girl pants (or dress in my case) and got into a plane. I am going to have to take photos of  my packing job because it was pretty fantastically stellar. Professional I might add. I packed the SAME AMOUNT that I packed for Blend (save for liquids). Mark came into the room when I was packing and asked how the hell I was ever going to fit all of my stuff into my two bags. Guess what? If it weren’t for my running shoes, I would have fit it ALL in my carry on! That puppy weighed in at 22.6 lbs.

Wish me luck. Xanax has been obtained. I loaded up my iPod and David Sedaris is going to talk at me for a few hours. I apologize in advance to the person sitting next to me for my random bursts of evil laughter. And screaming if I happen to fall asleep and have a night terror. Yikes. WEE FLYING.


I couldn’t decide on my favorite inspirational design blog, so instead, I’ve compiled a few of my favorites to share with you this week.

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screen shot of designlovefest blog with her latest inspirations

designlovefest is written and curated by designer Bri Emery, whose work I also adore. I find myself pinning and mentally bookmarking most of the images and/or colors from the images that she posts. If you like fashion, color, clean and modern design, or pretty things, take a look.

Looks like Good Design

screen shot of looks like good design blog

I like good design. I don’t like bullshit. Jonas Kamber’s blog, Looks Like Good Design, is full of design without all the extra crap. Honestly the reason I started following him was because of his tagline.

French Paper Sample Room

screen shot of french paper sample room blog

I’m a paper geek and have always loved French Paper. My business cards are printed on some of their stocks. A few years ago French Paper started a blog that features designs printed on their paper. The people who pick their papers usually have an interesting style and personality, whichcomes through in their designs.

Lovely Package

screen shot of lovely package design blog

I’m not huge into package design, and I my have started following this design blog based on the title, but I see so many great design ideas on this blog. Lovely Package features designs that inspire beyond packaging and labels.

Fake Anything

screen shot of fake anything blog

Nothing makes me grin more than geeky design and crafts. Fake Anything features well-thought-out designs for fictitious items, such as Dwight Shrute’s resume. So if I’m making you yawn this week with all my designerly speak, take a peek at this blog. I guarantee you’ll smile.

ColourLovers Blog

screen shot of colourlovers blog with wedding invites featured

Colourlovers is a social networking site in which community members can curate and post color schemes and combinations. They also have a blog that discusses in everyday items. I pin a lot of their images to my design board on Pinterest for future color reference.

Oh So Beautiful Paper!

screen shot of oh so beautiful paper! blog 

And finally, I recently discovered Oh So Beautiful Paper! when I began designing wedding invitations. I drool over their featured designs and the different types of paper they use. Paper. Porn.


Where do you find inspiration (design or other)?



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  1. AH, yes, I love your design geek-dom. I totally get it. These sites are lovely!
    Good luck with your flight- it’ll be a piece of cake (and so worth it once you get to Boston)! Do you know how much free time you have? Boston is a GREAT city and we go there at least twice a year to visit Greg’s family. So much to do- and you can walk everywhere! Great food too- of course- especially in the North End and Back Bay.
    Oh – and WHOA. I follow like 50 blogs, and that’s way too much for me to keep up with!!

  2. 300+ blogs?! Holy shit! I’m subscribed to sixteen blogs. I guess i’m really, really picky… And i like to be able to read all of them every day without spending my whole life doing it, haha. 🙂

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