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Summer Bucket List 2012: Visit Breweries — Iowa Craft Beer Festival

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Mine was a little miserable because our AC was still broken. So we spent the weekend trying to find ways to beat the heat.

^ The temp IN our apartment. And humid. It got up to 86° last night. Yikes! I feel really bad for my furbaby because he doesn’t do well in heat and is in dire need of a haircut.

We got creative and found ways to have fun this weekend regardless. Barney spent some time with my friend Molly, who he apparently didn’t remember until he finally decided to come out from under the coffee table after about a half hour of barking at her.

And last night we finally got to the dollar theatre (for some AC and) to see Joss Whedon‘s latest creation, Cabin in the Woods. Holy. Crap. It’s time to watch Buffy over again because I’m seriously jonesin’ after that flick. I won’t go into details, but if you like Joss Whedon, you have to see it. It was the second movie we’d seen this week (Prometheus was the first — two geek-out movies in a row), which is out of the norm for us, but we were looking for a way to cool off.

Saturday Mark and I went to Des Moines to hang out with our friends Steph and Nathan at the Iowa Craft Brew festival.

[source — I love the design of their logo. Local designers at Basemint put the design package together. Drool.]

… and that allows me to cross off one of my items on my bucket list, though I still want to visit an actual winery, but this event allowed us to simultaneously visit several breweries at once (complete list here) and gave me some gluten free options to taste.

I mostly stuck to tasting ciders since they are naturally gluten free, but I tried a couple of beers from Peace Tree Brewing Company because Steph and Nathan told us great things about their beers. I got to try a rare beer of theirs: Templeton Red, which was similar to a sour beer and very delicious. I could definitely taste the whisky in it. I also had a taste of their Double IPA. I didn’t get a full taster glass of any beers not from Peace Tree. I stuck to tiny sips for tasting purposes to keep my gluten ingestion to a minimum, but Peace Tree was worth it.

Surprisingly, I found a cider that I love. I’m a beer girl, but the cider I found tastes pretty similar to a beer, so this might become my drink of choice from now on: Crispin Cider’s Lansdowne. It’s a molasses-flavored cider and it’s not super sugary like some of the ciders (cough, cough, Woodchuck) that I’ve had before.

Also, for anybody thinking of going to a beer tasting festival, you have to make some pretzel necklaces. We saw a bunch of people wearing them and were kicking ourselves for not thinking of that ourselves. Pretzels between beers would help cleanse the palette as well as help you stay sober if you plan to taste a lot of beers.

It started raining after we were there for a couple of hours, so we quickly tasted everything we had left on our beer-tasting-wishlist and went to Steph and Nathan’s to make dinner and play some Pinochle. And for the record, the girls won … by a landslide. We creamed the boys on our last hand!


Have you been to a beer or wine tasting? Or visited a brewery or winery? 

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  1. It was so fun hanging out with you guys! 🙂

  2. Looks like you had a blast! I hope your AC gets fixed and you guys can cool down. I want to go to a beer festival sometime. Thanks for the idea. Looks like I have some research to do 😉

  3. I am kicking myself for missing that! Pretzel necklaces are rad!

  4. […] was glad to see that Crispin Cider was on the menu. I discovered their cider a few weeks ago at the local brewfest that I attended with my other friend Steph. Kelly and I split a bottle since it was a bit larger than we expected. […]

  5. CIDERS? THERE ARE CIDERS? LEAD ME TO THE CIDERS. I dislike beer (there, I said it) but I luuuuuurve me some cider.

    I actually like them a bit sweet (I like my wines a bit sweet too) which means I love me some Woodchuck. And I believe it’s GF so even if you dislike it, you can still drink it. Also it comes from Vermont, which is where Ben & Jerry live, so I should probably just move there.

    Anywho. let me know more about the local ciders. I’m interested in finding/trying some new ones.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Crispin = amazing. Wheatsfield has them and so does Cyclone Liquors — the same one we had in KC.

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