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No Sleep till BOSTON + Cookie of the Month Club

Good morning. Or in my case, evening? I don’t know anymore!

I haven’t slept in weeks. We’re talking since Blend. Between traveling, my neighbors bringing home a screaming demon baby, Barney realizing that he likes being shocked by a bark collar in the middle of the night*, and our air conditioner breaking this week — I’ve probably gotten between 3-5 hours of sleep each night. Woo!

I’m an 8-9 hour gal. I can’t function without sleep. I know plenty of people that work with 5 hours or even 7 hours … but I just can’t! This is a detail that I should have added to my post yesterday about why I’m not a mom and why I don’t plan to be one anytime soon. I’m traveling to Boston in less than a week for the HOW Design Conference (!!!), and for once I’m actually looking forward to sleeping in a hotel because the air conditioning will hopefully work and there will be no screaming babies or barking dogs. I tried being proactive last night and going to bed when I got home, but the AC was out and it was 81° in our apartment. Needless to say it was another sleepless night. Tonight I’m going to bed the minute I get home (or calling a friend with working AC to borrow a couch) — either at 4:30 or 6:30, depending on if my 1 hour of sleep (mostly in my car because it has AC and I was desperate) will cut it to go to bootcamp at Surefire.

[source, in case you want one too]

I bought one of these sleep master masks on Amazon. I already sleep with earplugs and a sleep mask (yes I am that light of a sleeper), so this can only help, right? I can’t wait until it gets here! In fact, I might not sleep until it gets here — but out of excitement I hope.

Okay. No more complaining and ranting.


Thank you for listening to me yesterday and today. I have a really cool week of stuff planned for you while I’m preparing for HOW. I’ve written a bunch of design posts to hopefully inspire you and help you make good design decisions when need be. AND I changed up my commenting system so you shouldn’t have to login to comment now. Let me know if you like this. I liked disqus’s functionality on MY side, but my lovely Blend Lynne mentioned she was having issues commenting on my blog so I looked into it. Hopefully this system works better for everybody. I would love more discussion and the new system I installed allows you to link to your latest blog post.

Speaking of yesterday’s post, thank you to all who left stories and comments! I loved reading everybody’s personal opinions and stories on motherhood, non-motherhood (wifelyhood?) and pending motherhood. I’m glad that everybody was very supportive of me and offered up a lot of different insights, which was exactly what I needed! Today my friend Kim shared this post by Thought Catalog and those of you who talked about not wanting children (now or ever) should definitely read it.

Now that I’ve gotten those things off my chest, let’s talk cookies.

If you’re new to my blog, you might not know that for Christmas this year I gave my dad and my grandpa both a subscription to the Cookie of the Month Club. I couldn’t come up with a great gift for either of them and realized that they would both be very pleased to receive a batch of cookies in the mail each month.

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve sent so far:

January: Bark Cookies
February: Meltaways
March: chimesmonster cookies
April: Rolo Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies
May: Swagtastic Trail Mix Cookies

And for June: Cookie Dough Stuffed Rice Krispie Treats with Chocolate Frosting (recipe by Averie Cooks)

I’m sure you’ve seen these puppies alllllll over Pinterest along with the rest of Averie’s food porn. I decided to do a no bake recipe this month because it was getting HOT outside and damned if I was going to turn on the oven (ask my roommates how I feel about running the air and the oven at the same time).

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy these seemingly complicated bars were to make. I was also very pleasantly surprised to find that when I cut them into 35 pieces they were only 156 calories a piece (or 4 points if you are doing WW+). Not bad at all!

I’m definitely making the vegan cookie dough portion of this recipe again. I might not make the full-on krispie treats again … so much sugar … too addicting. The cookie dough has very little sugar (well except for the chocolate part) and would be great frozen into little balls and saved for later in the freezer.

Next month’s cookie? Not sure yet. There were a few runners-up for this month’s no-bake cookie selection, so I’m sure I’ll go with one of those.


Do you bake? What kinds of things do you like to bake? 


*I don’t usually bark collar the dog. I hate bark collars. I think that even though they don’t really hurt the dog much they are still cruel. I felt really bad about Barney’s barking habits when I noticed there was a new baby next door, so I bark collared him to hopefully let the new parents / new baby get some rest. Unfortunately, Barney isn’t brilliant and hasn’t figured out that barking = tiny zap, so he continues to bark.  


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  1. Thanks for trying & linking up my recipe! Your bars look great!

  2. Aaah, normal WordPress comments. I approve. 🙂

    So, you slept in your running car for an hour?! ‘Cause car ACs don’t work unless the car is running.

    1. YES. I had the air on for about 20 minutes and then shut my car off and had the windows open. It was still cooler than the apartment because we get absolutely no breeze where we’re at and I’m pretty sure Matt turned the oven on to make fishsticks *facepalm*.

  3. whoa! totally making those. best combo ever! and yes, hotels rock for that reason! I sleep so well. Enjoy it! you deserve it

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