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Bonuses and Bummers

I had a giveaway originally scheduled for today, but I’ve been doing a lot of those lately, so instead I thought I’d share with you a few bonuses and bummers.

Bonus: Getting to work on time today so I can leave at 4 PM in observance of summer hours.
Bummer: Looking at my calendar and seeing I have to work until 5 PM today and tomorrow.

Bonus: Finding a new TV show that I like (hint: it’s 90210 and it’s on Netflix. I’m not apologizing.)
Realizing that I can’t watch my TV show any time near bedtime or I won’t get to bed until 2 AM — DRAMA and cliffhangers!

Bonus: Finishing the first of several books I’m reading by David Sedaris this summer.

The rest of his books are currently checked out. Fortunately I have audio books!

Bonus: Finding a somewhat easy skirt pattern on sale at Jo Ann’s.

Completing it and realizing that it’s too big and that part of the waistband was supposed to be saved to add a closure, but is now an awkward gap above the zipper.

Bonus: One of my best friends just had a baby.
She completely quits talking to me.

Bonus: Finally making raw cookie dough in my food processor (read: Mark’s food processor).

Burning out the motor in Mark’s food processor.

(related) Bonus: Making some of Averie’s krispie treats and realizing they are not as terribly bad for me as I thought they would be (156 calories per bar if cut into 35 pieces!)
Bummer: Sending all the krispie treats home with my mom to give to my dad and grandpa.

Bonus: Running 5 miles on a lovely afternoon!

Realizing these are the slowest 5 miles I’ve run since 2008.

Bonus: Trying a new restaurant.

Finding only one item on the menu that I can eat, and having to send it back when I realize it’s covered in gluteny goo (Greek lemon sauce apparently is not like thai lemon sauce!). Apparently Greek is a no go for GF, which saddens me because I love Greek.

Bonus: One of my other best friends reads my blog.
Bummer: She is also very good at editing me.


Had any major bonuses or bummers lately? 

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  1. kim says: Reply

    i love the skirt and your body looks fantastic! seriously, killer guns and look at those abs! you’re an inspiration for me to do a fat blast for my lunch today! definitely a bummer on the greek food. 🙁 

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      Awww thanks! I am working on it. I want to get back down to 120 (haha I never thought I’d say that sentence!)

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