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This is a story of a Pinterest fail. I’m not going to lie. This post has been written for MONTHS. But I didn’t think anybody would be interested in my ranting about a stupid ring. Until I remembered that I’m ranty. And I don’t care. I can’t believe that took me three whole months to remember.

In February I decided to buy myself something lovely for Valentine’s Day. Well, in reality, I used V-Day as an excuse to pick something expensive up for myself.

I’ve been drooling over this ring on Pinterest for a LONG time. So, under the guise of Valentine’s Day, I bought it. And I checked the mail every day in case it delivered early. I was about ready to burst with excitement.

When I received the package, I nearly peed my pants while opening the pretty box that revealed the lovely leather sack that held my —

… whoa whoa whoa, wait. What? Is. This???

In case you can’t tell how small this is … look at how close I was to the ribbon in this next photo.

So for $200, I got a little tiny silver band. Um. Not as advertised.

This piece of silver was not what I was expecting. I wish that they had a photo of this on a hand model so you would know what to expect. It seems they intentionally left that out of their photos.

This? This looks like a keyring on my finger, which I’m pretty sure I could have purchased at WalMart for $1.99. The ring was NOT at all what I was expecting, and certainly not worth the near-$200 I spent.

Luckily St. Kilda has amazing customer service. I sent a complaint and asked for a refund (their receipt that was sent with the ring said returns for store credit only, and the rest of their jewelry was not my taste). They promptly, and graciously responded.

*WHEW* However, they only refunded me the amount of the purchase. Not the shipping or tax. I’m not sure how they can not refund the sales tax, since they didn’t technically make the sale, but whatever.

Once I had my money back, instead of tucking it away like a responsible adult, I went on a quest for the perfect ring … and found it! On etsy of course.

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And yes, I’m wearing it on *that* finger. Mostly because sometimes I need to remind myself that I’ve already got the guy, and I don’t need to push him into anything because I want a big sparkly ring (and a cake and a dress … let’s be honest. mostly the ring … er it’s a tie with the cake — assuming it’s cheesecake or another GF cake). Especially when I can buy MYSELF a giant, non-diamond, but pretty, rock.

Have you made a large purchase that you’ve been incredibly disappointed in? Did you receive good customer service? I want to hear a rant, people! 

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  1. Kate Emmenegger says: Reply

    wow, what a ripoff! good thing you got your money back. I would be pissed too!

  2. janetha says: Reply

    WOW. That is whack. Glad they gave you a refund!

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