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The Great High School Photo Scanning Project: Graduation 2000

You might remember that I started a project a while back: The Great High School Photo Scanning Project. I’m getting through my old photo albums slowly but surely.

You might (0r might not) have guessed that I wasn’t the most popular person in high school. I was in band. Speech. Choir. Cheerleading (at our high school that was NOT cool). I didn’t drink. I didn’t party. I was what every parent wanted their teenager to be: Responsible*.

My geekdom started early. I played Magic the Gathering. Yup. I was a force to be reckoned with as my blue/green/black deck had not one, but TWO avatars of woe, which I’d bought from eBay. A purchase I’d made along with leopard print Doc Martens (later dubbed my lucky boots) and several Beanie Babies.

I was also intelligent, despite what my Beanie Baby confession might have hinted. And I surrounded myself with smart people. Besides a small group of girls and guys in my class, most of my friends in high school were two years older than me (then two years younger than me when my older friends left). My friends and I gathered each week for movie parties that included such masterpieces as Monty Python and The Holy Grail and Spaceballs. Contrary to what Mark and my roommate believe, I’m positive I out-geeked them in high school. And yes, this being the geekiest nerd is something we vie over in our apartment.

Twelve years ago a bunch of my friends graduated high school (if you use fancy math skills, you should have figured out that I graduated in 2002). Check out their awesome rainbow tassels that they just had to have (yes, the official class colors of the class of 2000 were rainbow colors).

[me — back when I spent time in a tanning bed regularly, wore a bra and was in the midst of growing out my roll-o-bangs, my first “real” boyfriend, Darin, Steve and Erin (who had a bangs roll everyone coveted)— who are married now, and have been together for 13 years! And yes. That’s a clarinet in my hand. We were the definition of band geeks.]

[Me and my friend Steven, who at the age of 12 had figured out how to make a TV out of his Sega GameGear and he was what I considered a child prodigy when I was  in 4th grade.]

[Me and my friend Jake, who, to my dismay at the time, graduated a year and a half early — I was in love with this kid from probably 6th grade until college (damn those gingers!). He’s an actor now and is currently in Alaska on a tour of Rock of Ages — filling in for a few weeks as Dennis Dupree while Matt Ban has knee surgery.]

[My good friend Jessie who was a wrestling cheerleader with me. she started calling her cheerleader girls “wankers” because she was kind of obsessed with British TV. Thus, I had a few t-shirts with the name “Wanker 2” on the back. Which made conversations in college a little interesting.]

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I graduated high school. How long has it been for you? OR Do you remember the Y2K?


*I was also kind of a hermit. I still am. Honestly, I love all of my friends, but I am the kind of person that needs regular time by myself. I’ve not had any of that lately. It’s a 3-day weekend, and we have a wedding to go to next weekend. So I fully plan on being a hermit this weekend.

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  1. I graduated high school 7 years ago….and college 4 years ago…that’s scary! haha! And i was in choir and speech also – woot! go us! 🙂

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      I seriously had to do the math on that to figure out you graduated in 2005. Wow. I graduated college 5 years ago (went to too many diff. schools and changed my mind a million times!)

  2. stephadamo says: Reply

    I’ve got one more year before i have to start freaking out about the fact that high school graduation was ten years ago. 🙂 Although, a bunch of my friends graduated in ’02, so i remember that really well. I really kind of want to scan an old photo of my high school group and put it on facebook…

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      You should probably just do that. Right now.

  3. Doris says: Reply

    I can totally relate to the hermit-dom, and I was certainly NOT popular, but not a band geek or gamer… however, we probably would have gotten along just swell. (No, I don’t really use that word, now or 25 years ago when I graduated). I can’t believe I just typed that number…

  4. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table says: Reply

    It was 11 years ago TODAY that I graduated high school. I cannot believe how time has FLOWN.

  5. janetha says: Reply

    You had (and have!) GREAT hair!

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      ha — thanks. I keep trying to grow it out and I cut it off because it’s a PITA!

  6. […] show as Dennis Dupree. I hadn’t seen him since his high school graduation 13 years ago (which I blogged about in one of my Great High School Photo Scanning Project posts), and how cool is it that one of my old choir buddies made it big? […]

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