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Who is this supposed Italian boy anyway?

If you’re new to my blog, you might find yourself wondering, who is this amazing man and why do I keep letting him cook for me?

Well, my wonder-bred Italian boy is none other than my boyfriend (my BF or beef as Kelly and I started saying), Mark. What gives with the nickname? Well …

Right before we started dating, I jokingly referred to him as my Italian boy. Mostly because his last name is Italian and it was a well-known fact that he was great in the kitchen. But he informed me that he was “about as Italian as white bread,” since he is mostly Irish. So I started calling him my “white bread Italian boy”. And when we started dating, he earned a place on my blog. But I realized that “white bread Italian boy” was a little bit offensive. So I changed it to wonder-bred. I liked keeping the idea behind the original name, but instead of offending, I wanted to give a nod to the fact that he comes from a pretty cool family.

Soo … that’s the story. And I’m stickin’ to it. He cooks for me. I blog about it — and sometimes even cook for myself and blog about it. He’s even gotten so good at his job that he takes photos AND styles his plate for the shoot.

[ eh, it’s not a big deal, okay? ]

I finally decided it was time to make his spot on my blog a little graphic. And instead of making it from slightly embarrassing photos of him, I dug deep in my graphic designer soul to create a cheesy graphic that is reminiscent of generic super-Americanized pasta sauce. Though … I forgot to kern the C with the O, and the double Os — even crappy fonts need letter-spacing love. Whoops!

But — bada bing. Bada boom. (sorry. Had to throw that in).

It kind of makes me want to eat a deep fried piece of chicken with Ragú on it. Or maybe some pizza.

So what does he make?
Besides working on perfecting a gluten-free pizza crust for me, a Chicago-style sausage pizza that would put Lou Malnati to shame, and working on a hot wing sauce to knock my socks off he makes:

As  you can see, he’s a pretty busy boy in the kitchen. When he’s not in the kitchen, he’s a mechanical engineer. And he engineers a lot of things with Legos.

Who’s your muse? OR What is your ancestry? 

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  1. Love it – my hubby is an awesome cook like that too – we are lucky women!! He’s the most fun to cook for too, he’ll try anything! 🙂

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      Mark is super particular. SOooo he does most of the cooking. But he loves when I bake!

  2. Lena K says: Reply

    I love that he cooks for you so much! I think it’s attractive when a man knows his way around the kitchen and tells me what to do for a change.

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      Totally attractive. Sometimes annoying. But I love showing him off. He’s pretty fantastic.

  3. Shaunna says: Reply

    I just have a mean breakfast boy at my house…but I guess I am ok with that. You, lady…are lucky 🙂

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      He does make a mean breakfast. I gained 15 lbs when we started dating. I blame it on his breakfast abilities. 😉

  4. I need a guy who will cook for me that much!! I’m Italian so I tend to make a lot of Italian dishes and feel like almost every meal I make has a pasta base or loads of garlic in it.

    And now I want a piece of fried chicken with Ragu, sigh.

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      Funny story: He was the guy I tried to set up with everybody ever before we started dating. My usual response would be, “well I have this friend.”

      He does have a brother.

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