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Fitmixer Amino Winner + Austin Photo Dump Recap

HELLO bloglings!

I am BACK. Finally. It seems like it has been so much longer than 5 days. Driving from Iowa to Texas is kind of a long trip, in case you were wondering.

While I was out, I was working on trying to do the Fitmixer Bootcamp (week 1) while on the road. Which proved to be pretty impossible given we had a schedule to adhere to that required us to be somewhere between 8 and 9 AM and not get back until 8 or 9 PM — just in time to get dinner and go to bed to do it all over again. And the other days were spent in the car.

Speaking of Fitmixer, I had a pretty decent response to my Fitmixer amino giveaway from last Monday. I promised that today would be the day that I’d reveal a winner. The winner is MELANIE:

I’ve tweeted her in hopes she will send me her address so that Fitmixer can send her favorite flavor of amino to her.

Sad that you didn’t win? Really want to try these blasted aminos that everybody has been talking about? No worries! I’ve got a link on my sidebar to their shop so you can easily order some.

Thanks to everybody who participated! I will have another giveaway within a week. I’ll give you a hint: It’s a little tart.


[Thursday “dinner” in Bethany, KS — Sonic mini Butterfinger blast … not fro yo but better than a burger.]

[Super 8 in Wichita, KS. Don’t rent to the locals. It’s the law.]

[Friday AM workout — booty burner from Fitmixer Bootcamp]

[Ready to roll on Friday — 9+ hours of driving]

[Readymade protein shakes are awesome options for eating on the road — so much better than Cheetohs]

[MADE it to Austin! Amanda and I in the back of our friends’ car — on the way to get sushi. And Fro Yo. Neither of which I managed to photograph — I know. Weird.]

[Black Metal beer from Jester King Craft Brewery in Austin. Not gluten free, but I bought for the bottle and for Mark. Plus, it sounds DELICIOUS.]


[up and ready to go early Saturday AM for Renegade.]

[menagerie of dip bowls made by Amanda … price-tagged by me.]


[cupcake stands. Portal. Eddie Izzard. GEEK.]


[Actually wore a dress I haven’t worn in years — made from an XL t-shirt. cut off the sleeves and added them to the bottom to make it a dress.]

[my boot camp bottle got a LOT of use last weekend!]

[the booth across from us. seriously. I felt like we were in Portland.]

[first purchase! necklace from Alexa at Foamy Wader. It’s really PINK.]

[downloaded an iPad app called “paper” and was sketching a bit all weekend.]

[cute guest room at our friends’ house — they rent and all the walls are that color!]

[wearing a dress I bought from Madeline Wood … and sporting new earrings I picked up that AM from Alana Douvros — at wholesale price … SNAG!]

[Amanda procured a cupcake from another vendor to put on her stands]


[and she then enjoyed some kielbasa sausage as an afternoon snack / late lunch. lol.]

[I worked on some embroidery during the show and in the car. sorry. no swear words this time.]

[HEALTHY BITES brought to me by my Blend, Lindsay Cotter, who I FINALLY got to meet in person. She makes these little amaze-balls of joy.]

[YAY — Lindsay wasn’t able to make it to Blend, and I’m really glad we were able to meet in person!  Thanks for stopping by, lady!]

[getting ready to pack up!]

[before packing up, I ran around and made some last-minute purchases … like this card that I am totally giving to a friend for his upcoming wedding.]


[mistaken lyrics coasters from Play with Lasers]

[awesome print … now framed and hanging in my living room]

[REVENGE PICKLE. Amanda took this photo at Rudy’s BBQ … which is in a gas station. and is the best BBQ EVER.]

[RUDY’S. I may or may not have tracked this meal … sorry Fitmixer Bootcamp — or really, sorry ass and thighs. Clockwise from top: Potato salad, onions and pickles, cutter’s choice brisket, extra moist (read: EXTRA FAT) brisket and a diet root beer.]

[our friends had 2 cats: Neo and Tater Tot. Tater Tot was fixated on a nail hole in the wall in the hall]

[I managed to sneak in the cards workout from Fitmixer Bootcamp  the day we started driving back to Iowa. YAY. I want to do this one again!]

[we went to Whole Foods on the way back and I found a LAVENDER-flavored Kombucha. Not my favorite. But I’d never seen it before, so I had to try!]


[bought a second necklace. from Alana Douvros. And the two necklaces layer quite nicely.]


[almost home. ALMOST.]

[playing some PvZ all the way from Bethany, KS to Ames, IA]


Austin was CRAZY and the trip was LONG. I want to go back again and experience a bunch of other things. I was mostly in the Palmer Event Center at Renegade the whole time I was there, and you know me, I’m an outdoorsy person. I wanted to be outside in the lovely weather!

What did you do last weekend? How do you feel about BBQ at a gas station?? And would you try Lavender Kombucha (or just kombucha if you haven’t tried it)? 

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  1. i don’t like the lavendar or botanical kombucha that much either, but i’ll still drink it. haha. ANd yay!! so glad i got to meet you! now rest up from that travel. wow!

    1. p.s
      Oh yes, rudy’s is a must in TX!

  2. Those bowls are way cute! Might need to get me some. And yes… anything is better than Cheetos. Jealous of your road trip. Love me some Austin!

  3. I would TOTALLY try the lavender- I’ve never seen it either!
    The wedding card is so awesome. I was cracking up when you posted it on Instagram. 🙂

  4. I want to go back now that it’s humid as shit in Iowa. Heat + no humidity was awesome. Plus, food. OMG the food. Though I gained 5 lbs, which consisted mainly of that BBQ, Sonic ice cream and Tex-Mex. YUM.

  5. PS do you know of any good fitmixer-like amino blends WITHOUT any caffeine?

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