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She Did it All with No Counting! \\ No Sugar Sweet Life Guest Post

(Trigger Warning: this post could be triggering to those who have had experience with eating disorders.)

Today’s guest post comes from my blend (blogger + friend), Kelly. I met her in person a couple weekends ago and she is SO sweet. Even though she doesn’t eat sugar anymore.

Here’s the abridged version of her story, along with some great recipes of hers. Thanks, Kelly!


Hello, life + running readers!  I’m excited to be able to share with you today.  My name is Kelly, and I blog over at No Sugar Sweet Life.  I am a fellow healthy living blogger AND a fellow Blend retreat attendee where I got to meet the amazing, cute, captivating miss Cal-ee in person 🙂 I’m sooooooo glad she drove on over to Colorado!

Struggling with my weight for my entire adult life, I finally decided life is too short to live perpetually unhappy.  I recently lost 50 pounds after celebrating my daughter’s first birthday, and am currently working on the last 30.  I am a busy full-time mom of a 20-month-old toddler, also have a full-time job as an accountant, am a wife and helper to an amazing man, and I thought it would be fun to start a blog!

Here’s a quick before and after so you can see where I’ve come from: (Calee here — just have to say she looks amazing! The photo on the right is how I saw her when I met her.) 

And I did it all without counting: No counting daily calories. No counting points – activity or food related. No counting # of meals or # of fruits/veggies. No COUNTING.  Though I was a math major in college and am currently teaching Babycakes to count (She’s really good with “one two three” and “seven eight nine”), I have never found it very manageable in my daily life to count calories.  First of all, it’s super tedious.  Second of all, most of us underestimate our daily calorie intake by as much as 30%!!  So even if you ARE counting calories, it might not be effective.  Additionally, I’ve come to believe that a calorie is NOT just a calorie, and the type of foods you’re eating make much more of a difference in your overall health and weightloss than just cutting calories.

What I’ve found to be effective:

  1. Adding veggie juices to my diet. I would juice at night a couple of times a week, enough to have a glass in the evening and to take a blender bottle full to work.  I found that drinking veggie juice between 2 – 3PM really helped me get that extra energy I needed to finish my day.  Rather than the other office “snacks” available.
  2. Cutting out sugar from my diet.  For the most part I don’t eat much sugar.  I don’t eat sweets or dessert.  In fact, from my birthday (in Sept) through this new year, I only had one dessert: a slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.  And it wasn’t even that good!  I “treat” myself in other ways.   And honestly, I don’t feel I’ve missed out on that much over the last 8 months of not having added sugar.  My life is full of so many other amazing things!
  3. Eating smaller portions.  Portions are such a major factor in losing weight!  For me, I just use the guidelines on each particular food for serving size.  1/4 cup granola = 1 serving, well then I’d eat 1/4 cup of the granola.  3/4 cup yogurt = 1 serving, well then I’d eat 3/4 cup.  I also started eating more out of bowls, which have a finite (MATH NERD WORD!) amount of volume they can hold, versus a standard dinner plate that you can just pile, pile, and pile higher.
  4. Preparing healthy meals at home.  I have eaten out much less often while losing this weight – and have cooked homemade meals.  You can make smart choices when going out, like substituting fattier things with grilled, asking for sauces on the side or not at all, boxing up half your meal at the start, etc… but most restaurant meals are double or TRIPLE the portion size most of us should be eating!  Check out my recipe list for lots of healthy homemade meal ideas.  I’m adding to the list daily!
  5. Eating intuitively.  Only eating when hungry.  Stopping when I feel full.  Not eating based on an emotional need or to numb something inside.
  6. Bringing healthier snacks.  I almost always pack snacks to work now – veggies & hummus, yogurt & granola, roast beef & a slice of cheese, etc…  This helps me avoid overating or snacking on unhealthy alternatives.

Here’s a few of my current favorite recipes:

Chobani Strawberry Banana Muffins:

Parm Chicken CousCous with Honeydew Caprese Salad:

Pomegranate Oat Chia Protein Balls:


  • Do you count (points, calories or math-wise)?
  • What are some of your favorite recipes? I’d love to check out your links!

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  1. Love this post with my Blend friends! (is that redundant? Yes, it is.) Kelly’s blog was one of the first ones I went home and checked out after Blend and loved reading her story over there. As someone who DID use counting in the beginning to loose weight, it’s cool to hear about how someone did it without using that technique.

  2. I’m so intrigued by this post. How did she manage to cut out sugar with a baby in the house? And does she also live with other adults? I find that i almost always eat sweets when the hubs eats them. And i also find it difficult not to eat sweet stuff for breakfast because that’s what’s easiest. I’ll have to go to her blog to find out more!

  3. A little apology: If you visit my site (which I hope you will!!) it’s a bit imbalanced with a lot of carb heavy (sugar substitute) recipes lately. I got a bit carried away with the Chobani baking… b/c it was so darn fun!! But – it’s back to basics for me. This girl has (another) goal to meet!!

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      Thanks for mentioning this! Chobani baking is FUN. 🙂

  4. YAY!!! I love Kelly (and you!!). And her tips are awesome- and so common sense really, but so many of us don’t think about them. Eating intuitively is hard for me. I need to track my foods (and be HONEST). It sucks, but it is what it is.

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