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Hooked on Hiking!

I had a recipe scheduled for you today. But you know what? My food pictures suck.

Why don’t you go look at what Gina, from Running to the Kitchen, has cooked up for you instead (just don’t rate her recipes until after you’ve tried them! ;)). Or maybe something from Jessica, from How Sweet it Is. I’ve pinned most of their recipes, so you could just look at my Healthy Bites board on Pinterest if you would like a collection of healthy food porn.

However, I have two recipes for you scheduled for this week. And one might actually have decent photography. I’ve become inspired to take better photos of things. Considering I have a degree in graphic design (and maybe soonish a masters), I do not have an excuse not to have decent photos. I am just lazy.

So consider that an apology for my laziness. Or something.

Instead of a recipe, I want to share that I am completely in LOVE with hiking after Blend retreat last week. My fear of heights has (somewhat) subsided — enough to let me hike up some pretty vicious hills in central Iowa (which compared to CO and eastern IA aren’t very vicious — I didn’t even know we HAD hills).

And even better? Guess who else kind of likes hiking?

I’m mostly excited about this part because Mark isn’t outdoorsy.

Thanks, someecards.com for that sentiment. But seriously. I’ve been trying to find something that we both like that is active and outdoors. And this might be it. Plus, there’s a lot of stairs. So it’s like stair stepping but without the lame machine.

Are you an outdoorsy person? What is your favorite summer activity (and yes, this can include getting drunk on patios if that’s what you really like to do)?

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  1. Haha! damn straight 😉 I’ve fallen in love with hiking too. Dying to get back out to colorado, this time with Ulysses and explore it more!

  2. I am so outdoorsy, it’s so much fun and I can never get enough. 🙂 I forgot how much hiking was before we did that climb at Blend – I’m hoping to do more now!

  3. I was a LOT more outdoorsy before I had a baby…heh. Hopefully I’ll get back into at some point – my hubby and I used to flyfish all the time, backpack, hike… hike 8.5 miles to an alpine lake TO flyfish, etc… The Chautauqua hike at Blend was the first hike I’ve done in like 3 years, and it felt GREAT!!! I think I’m re-hooked 🙂 PS. Love that pic of you & the boyfriend!!

  4. stephadamo says: Reply

    Hooray for good food photos! 😀

    Nathan and i really want to get into hiking. I plan to invest in a good pair of hiking shoes (’cause i know from experience that hiking in Tevas or FLIP FLOPS is a damn stupid idea) and we’re going to tackle a trail or two while we’re in Oregon later this month. Can’t wait!!

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      YIKES. Flip flops?! Have fun in Oregon! I’m jealous. I want to go so badly.

  5. Tiffani Reilly says: Reply

    I am extremely outdoorsy! I love to hike and camp. Utah is a great place for both :). Camping and getting drunk in a chair by the fire….makes for some interesting summers 😉

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      Love it! We used to do bonfires alllll the time.

  6. Kim says: Reply

    yes. i LOVE anything outside….except I hate bug bites which I tend to get several of whenever I go hiking. still, it’s worth it. i can’t wait to get upstate in the next few months! xo

  7. I hate hiking. It’s stupid.
    JOKING of course- you know I’m obsessed with it!! Hiking is my #1 favorite outside activity, followed by kayaking, trail-running and cycling. Oh, and rock climbing, but I’ve only done that once.
    So glad that the bearded boy likes hiking too- it’s a great thing to do with your love. Time uninterrupted with no distractions (except for us gals who constantly Instagram the whole time…)

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      Haha! you made me actually LOL with that comment. And I love that he hikes ahead of me and is into exploring new places. Except when there are stairs and hills. But we’re working on that.

  8. yea for couples hiking. hehe, its the best time to get out and be together. and i bet your recipe pictures are fabulous!

    1. thechimes says: Reply

      lol you are cute. they’re pretty terrible. I’ve got a post scheduled for tomorrow and they’re looking nicer!

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