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monding? barney + foodie finds

You know that it’s going to be a great day when you go to type a title for your blog post that starts with “Monday Morning” and you type “monding”.

Um. Yeah.

I just have a couple of fun things to share with you.

One — my dog, Barney, has been running around with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Not like a normal dog. But like a … well … abnormal dog.

This is what I’m talking about.

I’m kind of worried that he’s going to end up doing this permanently someday. I’ve seen it happen. I’m not sure why it happens. But, um, it’s kind of funny?

He mostly does this when he’s taking naps. But sometimes [ as you can see ] he forgets to put his tongue back after a long nap.

Also, I mentioned a few weeks back that I’ve started biking to work. This has been going fairly well. Except I’ve punked out on days that it’s windy. I rode on a particularly windy day and got to work fifteen minutes late and was a hot sweaty mess. And it was 50°. It took me a half hour to bike from my place to work that day, and normally it takes 15 minutes. When I get more acclimated to the bike commute, I’ll start going on windy days. But for now … ?

But the big perk of the bike commute, besides the extra half hour of pedaling daily and less time spent getting to work [ yes — it actually takes LESS time due to where I park my car vs. where I park my bike ], is that I can go somewhere for lunch that’s farther than walking distance away. I would lose my parking spot if I drove anywhere over lunch, so I never left the lot. However, I can BIKE to most of the places during my lunch hour that I would normally have driven to instead.

I discovered this amazing fact about 3 days into bike commuting. I started walking towards a local coffee shop to see if they might ahve any gluten-free noshes since I wasn’t feeling the lunch I packed, when it dawned upon me that I had wheels. And I could go to our local co-op that is just outside of a lunch-hour walking distance.

I picked up some berry acai Fage.

Look how thick and creamy that is! I think if I had any complaints it would be to go lighter on the sugar in the blueberry acai part — it was almost like a jam.

But the best thing I found? A Two Moms in the Raw food bar.

Raw food? Gross.

Nope. Seriously. This is the best raw food bar I’ve tried. It’s almost like a granola bar — chunks of fruit and nuts. You can actually SEE them. And there’s not a bunch of extra sweetener added like a lot of the food bars I’ve had. The blueberries and nuts shined through instead of being masked by a bunch of flavors.

And? I was actually full once I ate this. I ended up eating this for lunch and having my yogurt as an afternoon snack.

Two Moms in the Raw is a company in Colorado that makes gluten-free, raw, vegan, organic products, such as granola, food bars and crackers. To those of you who turned your noses up at the list of dietary restrictive adjectives I just mentioned, I assure you that — at least the bar I had — was beyond delicious. I haven’t had Mark taste-test one yet, but I should just so I can get a “normal” [ non-health-foodie ] person’s opinion. But I am SOLD.

Have you tried eating any raw food bars before? What’s your favorite kind of yogurt?

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  1. janetha says: Reply

    are you kidding me with that tongue photo!? that is the cutest thing ever.

    1. Anonymous says: Reply

      He is seriously ridiculous. I’m worried it might be permanent. Too much cuteness.

  2. Marlow says: Reply

    I love that bar!

  3. those mom 2 raw bars and crackers are like crack… expensive crack… but kinda worth it, right? and yea for biking to work!

  4. Barney is SO CUTE!! I love your photos of him!! I would take him everywhere with me.
    So cool that you bike commute to work! I would if I could, but I’d have to leave at like 4:30 am to make it.
    Glad to see another blogger who likes Fage. I feel like I am the only one that prefers it to Chobani!

    1. Anonymous says: Reply

      ha … I probably shouldn’t admit to that since I’m hosting a chobani giveaway. 😉 but yes. agreed!

      Barney is KIND of a jerk though. Little dogs are mean. I can’t take him ANYWHERE with me. He just barks and growls and tries to bite things.

      Work is 2.5 miles away so it’s not too bad. When I worked in Des Moines and lived in Des Moines, work was less than a block away. Which was good AND bad. 🙂

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