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Rainy Day Crafting + Tornado Room

I recently finished my Wool Eater Blanket.

But then I remembered I have a granny square Roseanne afghan that I still need to weave in all the ends before it’s finished. I started working on the ends during a rainy day this past week.

Word to the wise: Weave in all ends as you go.

No joke — I have 1200 ends to weave in. Yeah. It will officially take me longer to weave in the ends of the granny squares than it did to crochet this blanket in the first place. I started this thing in 2007. Granted, I only worked on it when I wasn’t busy with other stuff …

…  buuuut, it’s almost finished. And I love it.

Oh, and speaking of rainy days. I will clean our guest my craft room. On a rainy day in hell. Notice you lovely people only get the good view of the room …

Let me walk you through the chaos.

Notice there’s a laundry basket. This is full of things that aren’t wearable, but are good for crafting. I need to just pitch this stuff.

Then there’s a couple of bags on the floor — these hold my recent treasures that I got from my Granny.

And the tub under the table? Lots of supplies that I need regularly — zippers, paint, yarn, etc. I had this on the top shelf of the closet, but, well think about that for a second.

Take a closer look and you’ll find a pile of 10″ quilt blocks ready to be made into zip bags, a glue gun, my camera, mini wallets ready for snaps [ they’re a PITA! ], and a bag full of embroidery supplies. Oh — and the quilt in the foreground is off getting quilted. So I can at least mark that off the list for now.

On my sewing table, there is one ginormous bag of scraps. I use these to make the zip bags and possibly to make potholders this month. Maybe.

And the tub? It’s full of miscellaneous supplies. In shoeboxes. Stuff that I need quick access to, but don’t want to leave OUT out. And the tub doubles as a seat for sewing because I’m too cheap to buy a chair for this room since I don’t sit for long anyway.

We’re not even going to talk about the closet. And especially not going to talk about the tattoo dishes.

Do you have a room in your house that hoards all your stuff? Or a closet? Something that’s closed off to the rest of the world? 

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  1. Calee says: Reply

    OMG … just found this post and am having a panic attack reading it. Thank goodness I read that “secret magic of tidying up” book last year. All this stuff is outta my life!

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